Tom Brady’s Parents Thrill Him By Attending Super Bowl, Until A Thief Ruins It

The police are warning Tom Brady fans that they could be prosecuted. But not all fans, only those who like to buy stuff Tom Brady sweated in during his phenomenal football games.

Mauricio Ortega, the guy who stole two of Tom Brady’s jersey after last month’s Super Bowl, is in big trouble, and so is anyone who may have bought stolen Brady jerseys and other sports equipment owned by famous football players.

But it’s not like Ortega crept into Tom Brady’s parents house, he actually entered the Patriots’ locker room after the major football event and stole the Super Bowl MVP and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s lucky, game-winning jersey.

Even Tom Brady’s parents, who attended the February 6 football event to support their son, were unaware of the incident that night.

But Tom Brady’s jerseys weren’t the only goodies found in Ortega’s house when authorities went knocking on his door, as in addition to Brady’s Super Bowl 49 and 51 jerseys, the jersey-stealing football fan also had Von Miller’s helmet.

While authorities suspect Ortega has stolen many other football goodies over the years – this is the guy who has had access to locker rooms at Super Bowls since 2005 – those who have bought anything from him are also potentially in trouble.

The police are now warning that if people don’t turn in all the stolen sports stuff they bought from Ortega, they could be prosecuted, according to TMZ. It’s against the law to own the stolen goods – even if people are unaware that they had been stolen prior to buying them – which is why people could be prosecuted for the crime of receiving stolen property.

But Tom Brady’s parents don’t seem to care about what’s happening with their son’s winning jerseys as long as Tom is safe. Several days after Tom Brady triumphed at Super Bowl 51, his parents came on WBZ-TV to share their excitement over their son’s win, according to CBS.

Speaking to WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton, Tom Brady’s parents spoke out about the phenomenal Super Bowl night for their son. Tom Brady, Sr. called the February 6 Super Bowl game “the best ever.”

“I’m speechless… it was so spectacular, and so fun, and so nerve-wracking, and so awesome.”

Tom Brady’s mother Galynn Brady, meanwhile, revealed that she might have helped her son Tom Brady win the game by praying.

“I was just praying. All I did was pray, the whole game, just pray.”

Interestingly, it was the first game of the season that Tom Brady’s mom, who is battling a serious undisclosed illness, was able to attend. When asked by Burton how Tom Brady manages to keep his head cool during football games, Tom Sr. said the Super Bowl MVP inherited the ability from his mom.

“He must have gotten it from his mom.”

During the phenomenal Super Bowl game, Tom Brady’s parents appeared on a picture the Patriots quarterback shared on his Instagram account on the game night.

Sandwich kiss for Mom at Picture Day!!! Go Pats!!!!

A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

On the sweet Instagram snap, Tom Brady and his father are seen “sandwich kissing” their mother and wife, respectively.

It was an emotional Super Bowl week for Tom Brady, as he got asked by a seven-year-old reporter to reveal one person whom he considers his hero. The Patriots quarterback got visibly choked up when he said it was his father.

“That’s a great question. I think my dad is my hero, because he’s someone I look up to every day.”

Tom Brady’s father attended only one game this season, which the Patriots QB himself said was unusual for him.

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