Shirtless Justin Bieber Dances With Elderly Woman

Seems like Justin Bieber is having the time of his life in Kiwi country.

Justin Bieber was spotted partying during his Purpose tour while in New Zealand. The star has been seen staying at The Lodge at The Hills, which costs him about $23,000 a night, which is just a pinch in his wallet. The “What Do You Mean” singer was also seen in a different environment having fun with his friends and patrons in New Zealand.

Justin Enjoys New Zealand

Justin Bieber shared a video of himself bungee-jumping backwards at the Shotover River. The Canyon Swing is said to be 109 meters and is above a river. The star captioned the jump as “Air Baptism and a Gracefall.” Justin has also been sampling both local restaurants and bars while on tour which has led his fans into a wild frenzy.

Justin shows off a new tattoo as he parties on in New Zealand
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Justin was earlier spotted having fun at the Blue Door Bar. He was seen taking shots and different cocktails before taking off his shirt. Justin was with Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz. Justin amused the different patrons at the bar as he danced around. Later into the night, Justin was seen dancing with an elderly lady.

He had fun with the different seniors at the bar but was especially content with the lady he was dancing with. Justin danced with his elderly fan and then went on to hold her and kiss her on the cheek. The elderly lady was giggling as she danced with a topless Justin as both their fans cheered on for the two. Justin shared two videos of himself having fun with her at the bar on his Instagram, showing that he doesn’t just have young girls losing their minds over him.

This was a completely different side to Justin as he had previously slammed a fan for taking pictures of him and exclaiming that she made him sick.

It can be assumed that Justin doesn’t mind having fun with his fans as long as it’s a controlled environment or if they ask him politely and don’t treat him like “an animal.”

Justin Gets New Tattoos

Justin Bieber showed off new tattoos recently on his Instagram. The Grammy-award winning star has been said to have over 50 tattoos with some of his fans claiming that they’re about 58 but there is a possibility of more.

The “Sorry” singer was in bed and topless in just sweat pants when he showed how heavily inked he was. He showed off an eagle tattoo and a bear, and some speculated that the tattoo could have something to do with spirituality or mystical. Justin Bieber’s tattoos could also simply signify where he is from, Canada, and where he has grown, America — the bear being a symbol of his native land while the eagle symbolizing his adopted home. However, the star hasn’t yet said what the new tattoos mean.

Justin shows off a new tattoo as he parties on in New Zealand
[Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]

Justin, who has revealed that he is a Christian, placed the eagle under his other tattoo that says, “Son of God.” This could possibly be why his fans would think that the tattoo would be spiritual. The Rihanna-esque tattoo is a bald eagle with its wings spread widely across his stomach. His bear tattoo was placed on his chest next to a large crucifix and above it was another tattoo with his mother’s birthday in Roman numerals. Justin’s tattoo artist revealed to Us Weekly that the tattoo on Justin’s face represented his journey finding purpose with God. Justin also has tattoos of the word “Forgive” and showed off more of his other tattoos in a video for GQ Magazine.

[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]