‘Prison Break’ Actor Christian Michael Cooper Discusses Show And Recent Awards

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On April 4, 2017, a new season of the hit television show Prison Break will air on FOX. Actor Christian Michael Cooper plays the role of “Mike,” aka Michael Scofield Jr., a young boy who is growing up without a father. The very talented and extremely upbeat 10-year-old actor has appeared on screen since he was 18-months-old and recently won both the Young Artists Award and the Young Entertainer Award for Best Young Actor in a Short Film for Sidekick. Christian was happy to discuss his career thus far.

Meagan Meehan (MM): You’ve been acting since you were a baby! What are some of your earliest memories on set?

Christian Michael Cooper (CMC): I can’t remember much about the early years with the commercials, but I do remember how fun it was working on the set of Cult. I remember the fun I had when I met Robert Knepper on set as he was a really nice guy. I also remember getting to drive away in a sports car with some stunt men as I was being kidnapped. That was pretty awesome too.

MM: What have been some of the most fun characters you’ve played?

CMC: That’s a tough one as I have really liked most of the roles that I have had. I would say the top three would be Shockwave/Billy on Sidekick, Max on Some Assembly Required, and Mike Scofield Jr. on Prison Break.

Christian Michael Cooper is a talented child actor.
Christian Michael Cooper has appeared on screen since he was 18 months old. Featured image credit: Holly CarinciHolly Carinci / Hollywords Publicity

MM: How did you land the role on Prison Break?

CMC: Well, I remember it taking a few months to land the role, as they went through two different auditions to find the right person, so I ended up doing three auditions in total to get this role. Because it took quite a few months to book it, I was super surprised and excited about it.

MM: How would you describe your character? What about him most interests you?

CMC: I would describe Mike Scofield Jr. as a very bright, brave, and outgoing kid. It’s not surprising, considering that he is the son of Michael and Sarah. I think what most interests me about Mike’s character is that even though he goes through all of these interesting situations (can’t give away any spoilers), he continues to be brave and confident in himself.

MM: What have been the most difficult parts of preparing for this role?

CMC: I think the hardest part for this role was having to prepare for the really big emotional scenes. I’ve done a lot of drama with the shows that I have been on, but this one really made me work even harder at making it seem real. Hopefully, after you see Prison Break, you will think so too.

MM: Prison Break features a lot of adult content. What were some of the most intense scenes you had to film?

CMC: I have done shows before where there was a lot of suspense, so it came pretty natural to me. There was one scene where Sarah, my character’s mom, and I were being chased by an intruder which was meant to seem very scary. There were guns involved but I knew that it wasn’t real so it wasn’t a problem.

MM: What was it like to be on set of this very popular TV show?

CMC: It was pretty amazing. Every day was amazing. Meeting Wentworth Miller who plays Michael Scofield, my dad, was pretty cool. He’s really nice and made me feel super comfortable. I feel honored to have gotten this role as the audition process was quite long. I was nervous on the first day, but everyone was welcoming, so it was okay. All the cast and crew were really wonderful to work with, and I really have nothing bad to say about anyone. It was a fantastic experience. That’s why I always say my Prison Break family as I really feel connected to them all.

MM: Do you have any fun stories from behind the scenes?

CMC: There were so many fun stories on set that it would take me a long time to tell you them all. I would say one of them would be hanging out with the sound mixer, Kristian. He was like a big brother to me on set, and when I would see him, we would practice our dance moves together. I have a pretty good video of us doing a certain dance and song. Maybe I will share it one day.

MM: You recently won two awards! What did it feel like to win?

CMC: It was an amazing experience to be recognized for this fantastic film. I’m feeling very honored.

Christian Michael Cooper has played many roles in his career.
Christian Michael Cooper enjoyed his time on the "Prison Break" set. Featured image credit: Holly CarinciHolly Carinci / Hollywords Publicity

MM: What do you enjoy most about acting?

CMC: I think what I enjoy most about acting is getting the opportunity to meet such amazing people. Everyone from the cast, crew, and producers and directors have given me some pretty amazing memories to look back on.

MM: If you could play any kind of character, what sort of role would you play?

CMC: If I could get a chance of playing any character, I would love to play a superhero. When I played in Sidekick and got to be Shockwave, that was pretty awesome.

MM: Do you plan to continue acting as you get older?

CMC: There is no question that I want to continue acting. I absolutely love it!

MM: What advice would you give to kids who are aspiring to be entertainers?

CMC: Never give up and remember that it’s all about having fun and having faith in yourself.

MM: What’s coming up next for you project-wise?

CMC: Well, I just finished with Season 4 of When Calls the Heart in December, and I am back at it for pilot season auditioning! You just never know what 2017 is going to have for me. Life is an adventure, I say!

To learn more about Christian Michael Cooper visit his IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the official “Prison Break” website.

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