‘Baywatch’ Heats Up The Beach, But Priyanka Chopra Is On Fire [Video]

Baywatch will soon be thrilling audiences with wild action and a surprising blend of comedy, but, even before the big theatrical premiere, a new full-length trailer gives a good look at what we can expect from the feature film. The trailer goes well into the plot of the film, from rebranding the Baywatch name for a new generation to stepping up to fulfill roles that might be better delegated to trained law enforcement professionals. Dwayne Johnson, playing Mitch Buchanan, nails it on the head, when he remarks that the criminal activity became a major problem with the arrival of one person in particular.

A New Baywatch Trailer Heats Up The Beach With Bods, Bombs, And Blazes

There are many things differentiating the Baywatch feature film from the Baywatch series of the nineties and, as Entertainment Weekly points out, the film’s use of R-rated humor tops the list. Dwayne Johnson seems to get the juiciest one-liners, even in this two and a half minute trailer with his requests for a sand sculpture with a bigger “front bump” and declarations that “I’m oceanic, motherf—er” among his better one line zingers.

Zac Efron joins the Baywatch fun as Matt Brody, against Mitch’s better judgement, and proves he’s both worthy and eager to join the “Avengers of the beach,” though he soon learns there’s more to the job than cautioning against sunburn and saving the occasional swimmer from drowning. Brody, Buchanan, and the rest of the Baywatch team are soon enlisted to stop Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra) from continuing an operation that leaves the beach littered with drugs and corpses.

Also starring in Baywatch are Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, Ilfenesh Hadera, and Jon Bass, though Johnson’s character has already shared the sad fact that one of those additional Baywatch characters will meet an early demise.

Priyanka Chopra Loves Playing Baywatch Villain Victoria Leeds

While Ms. Chopra is grateful for all of the opportunities open to her as an international actress, she tells Marie Claire that she’s really enjoyed playing the villain on Baywatch, because it’s the type of role she really gets to experience. She never planned to audition for Victoria Leeds. Like much that has happened in her life, Priyanka shares that getting the Baywatch role had more to do with luck and good timing than with any elaborate career plan on her part.

Priyanka says that she mostly relies on instinct and credits her intuition for helping her get cast as the Baywatch villain, though she does admit that a love for the television series played a part in attracting her interest in the Dwayne Johnson led film reboot.

“I loved Baywatch so much growing up. It was the quintessential American Dream,” says Ms. Chopra. “All those beautiful people in bathing suits, running slo-mo on the beach in Malibu—amazing!”

Following her own path has always been something Priyanka’s parents encouraged. The Baywatch star recalls growing up with both parents telling her to follow her heart. They believed Ms. Chopra couldn’t go wrong with that advice, but, just in case she did, they were always quick to add that they would be there to help her out of any troubles.

“Also, my mom used to always tell me, ‘You could make the biggest screwup on the planet, but you can come tell me and I’ll help you fix it,'” says the Baywatch actress. “And my dad used to tell me, ‘You kill someone, break a car, you come and tell me. I’ll fix it for you.'”

Priyanka rules her personal life by the same rules which governs her professional ambitions. She takes things as they come, trusting her own instincts, so, while that means she’s in no hurry to find a significant other, she does keep her options open. After all, if there’s one thing Ms. Chopra knows, it’s that her future holds plenty of room for children.

“As many as I can,” Priyanka Chopra answers, when asked if she wants children. “I love kids. Love, love kids. I prefer their company to the company of adults, actually.”

Baywatch opens in theaters on May 26.

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