‘Dancing With The Stars’ ‘Crotch Grab’ Duo Dating? Bonner & Sharna PDA In L.A.

The Dancing with the Stars crotch grab incident earlier this week fueled rumors that DWTS pair Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess are dating. Now, the two seem to have gone more public with their relationship as reports emerged stating that the duo was spotted “flirting” in Los Angeles.

Earlier this week, bull rider Bonner Bolton became the talk of town after he accidentally grabbed his dance partner Sharna Burgess in an intimate part of her body.


After the incident went viral over the internet, Bolton clarified that it was “totally unintentional.”

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Bolton explained the Dancing with the Stars crotch grab incident, saying that he was not really paying attention to Burgess at the time even as she bumped into him.

“I was just stargazed by Nick [Viall] and Peta [Murgatroyd]’s performance and I was looking at the TV screen. I felt her bump into me yet I wasn’t really looking at what was bumping into me. There was some hand placement that went south, so to speak.”

Despite this, people continued to talk, with some even speculating that maybe the Dancing with the Stars crotch grab pair’s steaming chemistry on stage may be transposed into something real. In fact, a recent post from Perez Hilton may be proof that they are taking their relationship to a whole new level.


According to the outlet, Burgess and Bolton were spotted flirting at the Cowboy Palace Saloon in L.A. on Tuesday night. Citing photos first posted in E! News, the website continued to describe the two to be in “PDA” mode — as in public display of affection.

According to the source outlet, Bolton appeared to be comfortable in the place as he placed his arm around Burgess’ shoulder while whispering something into her ear. In fact, the bull rider and Australian ballroom dancer have been described to look like they have just come out of a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Wearing a navy blue swing dress matched with thigh-high boots, Burgess even smiled comfortably in Bolton’s arms while the two practice their moves at the Country western bar.

According to an onlooker speaking to E! News, the Dancing with the Stars crotch grab pair, so to speak, looked like a real-life couple based on their actions that night.

“He seems especially doe-eyed—and she certainly doesn’t seem to mind the attention.”

The outlet explained that while the two were merely taping a special segment for the ABC dance competition, it became apparent that they “were a world of their own.”

It is not impossible for dance partners to fall for each other considering the amount of physical connection and sensual moves they do. In fact, Burgess herself admitted to getting that exact effect while she and Bolton were clearing up the Dancing with the Stars crotch grab incident.

“I blushed a little bit! I haven’t ever actually blushed on this show,” she told EW when asked to share her thoughts on the sexual innuendo and chemistry references involving her and Bolton.

“I think I blushed several times tonight and I’m still blushing, so there’s a first for everything. I’m a little speechless and that never happens to me.”

Meanwhile, Bolton admitted that he felt a certain attraction to his dance partner the first time he laid his eyes on her.

“The day I met her on the ranch… I looked up, they had me leading the horse, and I looked out under the brim of my hat, there she was,” he explained.

“Just a fiery redhead. [She] just took my breath away, man.”


Do you think Burgess and Bolton might become a real couple someday? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and keep posted for more updates on the Dancing with the Stars crotch grab incident.

[Featured Image by American Broadcasting Company]