Apple iMessage Name Now Trademarked

Apple iMessage Trademark

The Apple iMessage name now officially belongs to the tech firm that came up with the name. Apple received notification on November 20 that its application for the iMessage trademark had been approved.

Apple applied for the iMessage trademark in September 2011.

iMessage was first announced at WWDC in June 2011, and customers all over the world now use iMessage to communicate with one another through iOS and OS X devices. Using iMessage, customers can text and photo message one another over data connections (mobile and WiFi).

Apple is one of the most stringent companys when it comes to patent and trademark filings. According to Mashable, the company recently submitted a Passbook-related trademark, the company’s fourth Passbook request. Apple is also hoping to trademark the app’s icon via International Classification 035.

The new Apple trademark filing includes uses for advertising, marketing, and other goods and services

Apple is still waiting on trademark approval for the Passbook name and icon.

Filing for trademarks early and often has become of increasing concern to Apple after its recent court loss in China over the iPad trademark. In that lawsuit, Apple was forced to pay millions of dollars to continue its sale of iPad devices in the country.

Apple hasn’t had the best track record with trademark filings. Oftentimes, the company has tried to take over common terms such as “App Store,” which were used regularly before the company jumped at the chance to own the name.

Do you think Apple should be allowed to own the iMessage trademark?