Donald Trump To Jail? NSA Source Says He Will ‘Die In Prison’ For Russia Scandal

Donald Trump could be headed to prison at the end of his Russia scandal, with one intelligence official predicting that the president will “die in prison” after the case comes to fruition and charges are brought.

The links between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence officials appear to be growing more clear each week, with evidence emerging that Trump and his team may have colluded with Russian agents to release damaging information on Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

During the 2016 campaign, the site WikiLeaks published a number of damaging emails from both Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, and the Democratic National Committee. The emails helped to drive a rift between Clinton supporters and those supporting Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders, and were cited as factor in Trump winning the election.

For months, there were reports that Donald Trump’s team was actively working with Russian agents to release the information. A dossier compiled by a former British MI6 agent claimed that the Russian government had been cultivating Trump for years, gathering compromising information to use as blackmail and offering Trump lucrative financial deals. The report also claimed that Trump worked with Russians to coordinate the release of the emails to WikiLeaks.

There is now more evidence to support that idea. On Wednesday, Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, claimed that there is “more than circumstantial evidence now” showing active collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.

“I can tell you that the case is more than that,” Schiff said in an interview on MSNBC (via Politico). “And I can’t go into the particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now.”

This comes just two days after FBI Director James Comey confirmed that there is an active investigation into whether Donald Trump’s campaign actively worked with Russia. As CNN reported on Wednesday night, U.S. intelligence sources said that the FBI did have evidence of such communications.

“The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, US officials told CNN,” the report noted. “This is partly what FBI Director James Comey was referring to when he made a bombshell announcement Monday before Congress that the FBI is investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, according to one source.”

The reports of the unraveling Russia scandal has led to speculation that Donald Trump could end up in prison for his role, a prediction that had already started to trickle out more than a month ago. Former NSA analyst John Schindler claimed that the intelligence community was ready to “go nuclear” in releasing evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia in response to the president taking shots at the intelligence community over Twitter.

“Now we go nuclear,” Schindler wrote on Twitter. “[Intelligence community] war going to new levels. Just got an [email from] senior [intelligence community] friend, it began: ‘He will die in jail.'”

It is not yet clear if Trump or anyone from his campaign will face charges from the Russia scandal, and even less clear whether Donald Trump could actually be headed to prison. As of yet, the FBI has not officially divulged any actual details about the investigation, including whether the focus is on Trump or other campaign members. Trump and his campaign associates have denied any involvement with Russia.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]