‘My 600-LB Life’ Tracey Pictures: Does The Morbidly Obese Mom Drop Her Weight?

My 600-LB Life gave viewers a heartbreaking look into the life of Tracey Matthews, showcasing the morbidly obese mom’s struggles and sending people to the internet looking for pictures to see if Tracey was able to lose weight after what she hoped would be a life-saving surgery.

The 44-year-old Ohio woman was featured on the March 22 episode of the popular TLC docu-drama, presenting one of the most complicated and painful medical cases the show has ever seen. Though many of the people featured on My 600-LB Life have to deal with painful swelling of their limbs, Tracey’s case was extraordinary, with her legs swollen so badly that most of her 605-pound weight was actually below the waist, Monsters and Critics noted.

“Unrecognizable now, her shockingly misshapen legs are so swollen and tender her skin is bursting in various areas. Making matters worse, her feet are all but disappearing under her lower legs,” the report noted.

“She needs to get to Houston, Texas, for immediate lifesaving help. But the only way she can make the 20-hour trip is in the trunk of their car.”

And Tracey’s weight gain has affected her entire family, Broadway World noted.

“She is constantly fighting off bouts of cellulitis due to the severe lymphedema on her legs and the weight is so extreme that she needs help lifting her legs out of bed every day. Most of that responsibility falls to Tracey’s husband, Anthony, who is more of a caretaker than a partner.”

But amazingly, Tracey’s husband seems to harbor a bit of resentment when she tries to lose weight.

“Things have been a little tense between Anthony and me lately,” Tracey said in a preview of the episode (via Us Weekly).

“I’m not sure if he’s just tired of the diet, or if he’s upset that I’m trying to lose this weight. I know he said he liked being needed, but now he’s telling me to do everything myself.”

Unfortunately for Tracey Matthews, the pain set in almost immediately during their trip to Texas, making for an agonizing trip for what she hoped would be a chance to change her life. As Tracey said in a preview of Wednesday’s episode, she feels that her time for a change is running out.

“Every day that passes my lymphedema gets worse and worse. I have to try and do this, and I’m really glad my mom is going with us so we have an extra set of hands to help.”

Like many others who turned to the show for help, Tracey’s weight gain goes back to childhood abuse, Monsters and Critics noted. That made Tracey’s story that much more heartbreaking, and the desire for My 600-LB Life viewers to find weight-loss pictures of Tracey that much stronger.

The story of Tracey Matthews sent many My 600-LB Life viewers to the internet to see if there were any weight-loss pictures from the Ohio mom, but TLC kept any changes under wraps in the lead-up to the show.


Those who want to see if there are any weight loss photos from Tracey Matthews after her appearance on My 600-LB Life can check out the show’s official page on TLC, which chronicles pictures from their weight-loss journey. The full video of Tracey Matthews’s episode can also be seen here and will be uploaded within hours of its broadcast on Wednesday.

[Featured Image by TLC]