Eileen Davidson Slams Dorit Kemsley Hypocritical Comments After ‘RHOBH’

Eileen Davidson may not say much on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when it comes to the drama, but when she does, it sounds like she actually gets herself into trouble. Davidson clearly rubbed Erika Girardi the wrong way by talking about her son in a figure of speech. However, Eileen still continues to talk about her co-stars in her blog and she isn’t a huge fan of Dorit Kemsley after the trip to Hong Kong. Apparently, Kemsley said a few things that Davidson can’t get behind and despite hurting Erika’s feelings, Dorit is still on the outs when it comes to Eileen.

According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson is now revealing that Dorit may have been a bit hypocritical in her criticism of Erika. It’s no secret that Girardi travels with her glam squad and she brought the entire entourage to Hong Kong with her. If that wasn’t enough, none of the other ladies brought a group of makeup artists and hair stylists overseas — except Kemsley.

“I knew from the beginning that the thing between Dorit and Erika would eventually come to a head. What I didn’t expect was to have Lisa R. and me dragged into it as well. Dorit’s reaction was surprising. Erika had some strong words—probably because she’d been keeping the deep embarrassment and hurt she had for ‘panty-gate’ in for so long. Instead of sincerely apologizing, Dorit landed some pretty harsh critiques back. Calling Lisa R. ‘low-class’ and to ‘question if Erika has feelings’ was uncalled for,” Eileen Davidson starts off her blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, adding that she thought that Kemsley’s confessional comments about Erika were outrageous.

It’s interesting that both Dorit and her husband, PK, are so vocal about Erika. They both seem to come up with arguments to support their theory that Girardi is desperate for attention, something Eileen Davidson just doesn’t see. In fact, Davidson sees her co-star as a sweet friend, who just wants to hang out and be cordial with one another. But it doesn’t help when PK influences his wife, as seen during Tuesday’s episode.

“Additionally, both PK and Dorit saying that Erika has an inflated sense of self because she ‘pays people to love her’ is just plain creepy, especially coming from the only other woman who brought a glam squad to Hong Kong, I might add,” Eileen Davidson points out in her blog, calling out Kemsley’s hypocritical comments about Erika’s glam squad.

That seemed to be her strongest argument and one that her husband may have fed her. She believes that Girardi is indeed so into herself because her glam squad tells her how wonderful she is. And yet, she may have missed the point completely, as Erika had warned her; the more you bring something up, the worse it becomes — especially since Girardi had clearly been hurt by panty-gate.

Panty-gate is something that has surfaced repeatedly this season and it sounds like the Kemsley family keeps adding to the discussion behind everyone’s back. Maybe this is their way of staying relevant on the show, something Eileen Davidson has picked up on.

“There’s also a lot of confusion about intentions here. One minute we see PK and Dorit saying—as they’ve done many times—that Erika was putting it all out there and making crass jokes at her expense. Then on the junk boat, Dorit said how no one ever questioned that Erika flashed PK on purpose! She even insinuated as much to Lisa R. and me,” Eileen Davidson ends her blog, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson calling out her co-star’s hypocritical comments?

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