Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Samsung Galaxy Book Is Alternative For Those Waiting

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 has been one of the most looked-forward to tech devices of the past year. Many people had expected the laptop/tablet hybrid to be released in April. Unfortunately, there are some reports that indicate the device will be released in October. This could be true as Tech Report says Microsoft may include the latest AMD Ryzen processor in the Pro 5, and those aren’t abundantly available now.

“Our newest rumour about the Surface Pro 5 is an interesting one indeed. Despite plenty of talk about the device getting Intel’s latest Kaby Lake chips, it appears the Pro 5 might actually run on an AMD Ryzen processor instead. The theory has emerged due to a trailer for Alien: Covenant, which appears to show a Surface device”

The article notes that the film is sponsored by Intel’s rival, and the description suspiciously reads, “Intelligence powered by AMD, Ryzen, and Radeon.”

Most sources still have the Surface Pro 5 featuring Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processor, better battery life, a rechargeable Surface Pen, and a new keyboard base. According to International Business Times, the Pro 5 will likely support Microsoft’s HoloLens.

“HoloLens support was earlier reportedly not said to be included in the Surface Pro 5, since HoloLens is not a consumer device. But with the company rolling out the technology to more affordable VR headsets, the tablet is expected to offer HoloLens support.”

The Surface Pro 5 will have an increased screen resolution. The Surface Pro 4 already has a very high resolution screen. [Image by Daryl Deino]

Other sources point to the Surface Pro 5 having a 4K screen. That may be overkill for some since a 4K screen (especially on a 12-inch device) may not be worth the extra battery power it requires. The current Surface Pro 4 has a 2736 x 1824 pixel resolution screen, which gives viewers an incredible 267 pixels per inch.

Some people expressed their disappointment at the possibly delayed Surface Pro 5 on social media.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is their biggest hit in years. Cynics initially laughed off the Surface Pro, but the device has become the go-to laptop/tablet hybrid that other companies are trying to copy. Samsung, who released the TabPro S in 2016, came pretty close by delivering a 12-inch device, but one with a Super AMOLED screen — something that has barely been seen on a Windows 10 device.

Though a lot of people loved Samsung’s device, they said the only thing keeping them buying a Surface Pro 4 instead was the fact that Samsung’s device was powered by an Intel Core M processor, which is known to be very slow. However, that is about to change with Samsung’s soon-to-be-released Galaxy Book.

The 12-inch version of the Galaxy Book has an AMOLED screen. [Image by Kathy Willens/Ap Images]

As Trusted Reviews notes, the Galaxy Book will come in two flavors — a 10-inch (1080p) device and a 12-inch (Quad HD) device, with the latter including Samsung’s gorgeous AMOLED sceen. The 12-inch Galaxy book will now run a regular Intel Core i5 processor rather than a slow mobile one. It can actually reach speeds up to 3.1GHz, so those who want to edit photos and videos on the go will be able to without much trouble. However, those who do editing may want to get the version with 8GB of RAM instead of the cheaper one with 4GB RAM.

The 10-inch version of the Galaxy Book runs a slower Core M3 processor, but could be good enough for those just looking to consume media or do office tasks. This will compete with the iPad and Microsoft’s regular Surface Tablet, which is hard to find due to being discontinued at the end of 2016.

Which laptop/tablet would you rather have — the Surface Pro 5 or the Galaxy Book? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Kathy Willens/AP Images]