'Dancing With The Stars' Feud: Heather Morris Declares War On Nancy Kerrigan

Amanda Lynne

Dancing With The Stars Season 24 has only aired one episode, but the backstage drama is reportedly at an all time high. Some of the contestants are already waging war against one another, and it could be one of the most competitive seasons of the show yet.

According to Radar Online, Dancing With The Stars contestants Heather Morris and Nancy Kerrigan may have a bit of a rivalry going on. The former Glee star is reportedly declaring war on the former Olympic ice skater and has allegedly vowed to take her down in the ballroom.

"Heather and Nancy were super cold to each other, and already have a duel going on," a production insider revealed.

During the Dancing With The Stars premiere on Monday night, Heather Morris and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy tied Nancy Kerrigan and her partner Artem Chigvintsev for third place, Heather allegedly had a meltdown backstage.

"Heather was visibly upset last night after tying with Nancy for third place and said that her score was unfair. She was just so cocky going into the competition."

However, Nancy Kerrigan may also have an advantage. As a former Olympic ice skater, she's very familiar with dance and choreography as well. Nancy is also no stranger to competitive feuds. Back in the 1990s, at the height of her career, her rivalry with Tonya Harding made headlines when Harding's then-husband allegedly hired a man to assault Nancy, hitting her in the leg and taking her out of competition. Later, Tonya was banned from U.S. figure skating for life.

Meanwhile, Heather Morris' scores may have been altered due to the fact that the judges know she has major dance experience. Dancing With The Stars executive producer, Ashley Eden recently revealed that the judges will hold Heather to a higher standard because of her dancing past and that her scores will reflect that.

"We're not shying away from the fact that she 100 percent has dance experience. Because of that, she will be judged on a higher level and there will be higher expectations on her," Edens said.

However, Heather Morris and Nancy Kerrigan's rivalry isn't the only Dancing With The Stars headline making waves after Monday night's premiere. Actor William Shatner confused fans when he went on an epic Twitter rant asking fans not to vote for The Bachelor Nick Viall. The former Star Trek star revealed that fans should vote for anyone but Nick.

Before the show even started on Monday night, William Shatner announced via social media that his "goal" was to have Nick Viall kicked off Dancing With The Stars as soon as possible, and he spent the entire night tweeting his fans about just that.

"He lives up to the homonym of his last name," he continued. "Watch Andi [Dorfman]'s Bachelorette Season where he started this Viall journey. Leopards don't change their spots. Don't be surprised if he shows up again on paradise. I won't be," he wrote. "Please vote for anyone but Nick."

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