WWE News: Ryback Claims He Is Responsible For One Of The Shield’s Biggest Moves

Ever since parting ways with WWE, Ryback has proceeded to tell a number of different stories from his time with the company. There were some weird contract requests, and he even said that Vince McMahon lied to him about how to deal with his injuries. Now, Ryback is actually claiming that he can take credit for a big move performed by one of the most popular stables in the history of wrestling and that The Shield owes a lot to him.

During his time in WWE, Ryback won the Intercontinental Championship one time and had big feuds with Big Show, John Cena, Kalisto, and a lot of other superstars. After more than a decade with the company, the two came to a head with numerous differences and parted ways for good.

Now, he has a podcast called Conversations with the Big Guy, where he talks about a number of different topics regarding wrestling and his career. On his most recent episode, Ryback decided to bring up one of the most popular stables of all time in The Shield, and well, he decided to take some credit for their success.

wwe news ryback the shield triple powerbomb
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As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Ryback claimed to be the man responsible for coming up with the triple powerbomb used by The Shield. All those who witnessed the awesome trio of superstars – Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose – know they used that move to finish off a lot of wrestlers.

It was a powerful move and one that stood out because of the three of them performing it together. Now, Ryback says he is the one that came up with that idea for them.

“They needed a move, I remember, to put me down early on. I think it was that first… the pay-per-view before in Indianapolis, the triple threat [match] with me, [John] Cena, and [CM] Punk. And I had been powerbombing a lot of guys up till that point in different variations of powerbombs. And I said to them, ‘why don’t you do a triple powerbomb?’ because they wanted a move they all three could do.”

This could be Ryback just telling stories or it may be true, but it is hard to think that anyone is going to back him up on this one.

The Shield debuted at Survivor Series in 2012 by interfering in a match between Ryback, John Cena, and CM Punk. Ryback was triple powerbombed through the announce table, and that allowed Punk to pin Cena and retain his WWE Championship. From that point on, The Shield worked as mercenaries for Punk for a while before doing their own thing.

wwe news ryback the shield triple powerbomb
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Looking back on things, Cageside Seats reported a couple of years ago that CM Punk actually took credit for creating The Shield.

“So, and this, I don’t know, this will probably blow some people’s minds and then some people will be like ‘oh, you’re full of sh*t’ but I don’t f***ing care either way: The Shield was my idea.”

Punk went on to say that Eric Pankowski, WWE head writer at the time, called him to tell him that they were going to turn him heel and give him a new stable. The champion didn’t like the ideas of being paired with Big Show or Daniel Bryan, so, he came up with his own idea.

“I don’t like the idea. I’m willing to do the heel stable thing but why don’t we pick three guys from FCW that are ready instead of using two guys, you know what I mean?”

CM Punk took the idea to Triple H and suggested using Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Chris Hero, or Kassius Ohno. He said that Triple H “shot down Hero,” and WWE wanted to put Roman Reigns in the spot, and that’s what happened.

It has been close to a year since Ryback left WWE on quite bad terms, and it really seems unlikely that they will ever work together again.

Despite being out there on the independent scene, Ryback just can’t seem to stop talking about WWE and his time there or the things he claimed to be responsible for. It’s just really interesting that so much is coming out from him regarding Vince McMahon and other superstars, and now, his so-called creation of the triple powerbomb by The Shield as he once said he just wanted to get away from everything dealing with that promotion.

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