‘Bold And Beautiful’ Spoilers: Will Thomas Forgive Sally For Stealing Designs?

Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that tense moments are ahead for Thomas Forrester (Pierson Fode) and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) after he discovers that she stole Forrester Creations’ designs. Eventually, Thomas and Sally will head back to Los Angeles, and she will turn her focus back to Spectra. Will Thomas’ relationship will Sally survive after he finds out that she stole Forrester Creations’ designs?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Shirley (Patrika Darbo) reminds Sally that she has to remain focused on Spectra and cannot allow Thomas to derail her progress. Bold and Beautiful spoilers suggest that Sally has a rough time doing that because as much as she’d like to deny it, she has fallen for Thomas. Even so, she will focus her attention on her family’s business and will come up with a solid plan to save the company.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Coco (Courtney Grosbeck) will unknowingly hand Sally Forrester Creations designs via her “spy necklace.” The spy camera will give Sally a peak at FC designs, but Sally isn’t sure if she wants to use them. Even though Sally is unsure about using the drawings, Shirley tries to convince her that it’s the right thing to do. After some convincing, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Sally decides to create a knock-off design based on the Forrester Creations’ drawings.

Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller on 'Bold and Beautiful'
Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller on 'Bold and Beautiful.' [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]

Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Sally isn’t completely sure she wants to use FC designs. She feels conflicted about it because she doesn’t want to steal Thomas’ designs. It is a decision that causes Sally to doubt her plan.

During the Australian trip, Sally connected with Thomas on a level that she wasn’t expecting. She could see her relationship with him going somewhere and doesn’t want to do anything that may hurt or upset him. Bold and Beautiful spoilers suggests that Sally worries that copying FC designs may end her short-lived romance with him.

Sally knows that without the FC designs, the chances of Spectra becoming a player in the fashion world is slim. She needs the drawings, but using them will compromise her relationship with Thomas. Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Sally will proceed with using the drawings but won’t feel good about it.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers state that Sally knows that Thomas will eventually find out. When he does, his reaction won’t be pretty. Sally expects him to break things off with her.

When Spectra’s fashion show happens, they will base their designs on Forrester Creations’ designs. Of course, Thomas won’t have any real proof that she stole his family’s designs but he’ll have a hunch that’s what happened.


Bold and Beautiful spoilers suggest that Thomas will feel betrayed by Sally because he is one of the main designers at FC. Most of the designs she will use for her knock-offs will be based on his work.

Thomas has a tendency to lose his mind at first, only to calm down after he’s had time to process what happened. Maybe, Thomas will find a way to forgive Sally for stealing his designs and using them for her knock-offs. With Thomas’ future in limbo at FC, Bold and Beautiful spoilers state he may even ask her if he can partner up with her at Spectra, leaving Forrester for good.


In the next few days, Bold and Beautiful weekly promo indicated that Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) affair with Quinn (Rena Sofer) would be exposed. Eric (John McCook) may fire him from the CEO position and promote Rick (Jacob Young). If that happens, you can expect Thomas to blow up and threaten to leave FC after being passed over for the third time this year.

Sally might get lucky this time with Thomas. Bold and Beautiful spoilers suggest he may decide to give Spectra a chance and work with her to make her family business as good (or better) than Forrester Creations out of spite for being passed over multiple times for the CEO position.

Bold and Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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