White Supremacist James Harris Jackson Admits He Visited NYC To Kill Black Men

Alleged murderer James Harris Jackson reportedly told members of the New York Police Dept. that he specifically chose to visit the tourist mecca in order to kill innocent black men.

The Baltimore native, 28, was said to have turned himself in to law enforcement officials early Wednesday morning for the stabbing death of 66-year-old Timothy Caughman, which occurred late Monday night, according to the New York Post.


Jackson, who was not familiar with the older man in any way, allegedly brutally attacked the African-American Caughman as he walked through Hell’s Kitchen in the city, due to a previous race-related grievance that had absolutely nothing to do with Caughman.

Nearby surveillance cameras in the area are reported to have captured Jackson plunging a knife into Caughman’s back and stomach, who then managed to make his way to the Midtown South Precinct just a block away to relay what occurred to him. When questioned, Jackson, who identifies as a white supremacist and served time in the Armed Forces, confirmed to officers that he attacked the stranger Caughman after being incensed by an interracial couple that he saw near The Hotel at Times Square on West 46th St., where he was temporarily staying.


“The well-dressed suspect turned himself at an NYPD substation in Times Square shortly after midnight Wednesday,” the Post further explains, “[ultimately] telling cops there he did so to avoid killing again.”

Reportedly, Jackson’s first comment to the police essentially equated to a full confession of his crime.

“I’m the man you’re looking for,” he was noted as saying, before also admitting that he was carrying several knives inside of his pocket, but not the one that was used to kill Caughman.

Police eventually allowed Jackson to lead them to the location where he discarded the weapon, said to be around 26 in., and also obtained a computer that the admitted racist said he used to compile a hateful manifesto. Law enforcement officials have yet to peruse the contents due to lack of a proper warrant, but NYPD Chief of Detectives William Aubry said that race was the sole factor for Jackson’s deadly actions.

james harris jackson
Baltimore native James Harris Jackson was reportedly enraged over seeing an interracial couple near the Times Square hotel where he was staying at. [Image by anouchka/iStock]

“The reason why he picked New York was the media,” Aubry expressed at a press conference following the incident, while adding that James Harris Jackson himself relayed that he was targeting “male blacks.”

“He wanted to make a statement. [The attack was] random and clearly racially motivated. Our victim happened to be going through trash on the sidewalk. There was nobody else around.”

Witnesses near the scene recalled Jackson and Caughman arguing before the assault took place, with the latter individual purportedly screaming, “What are you doing? Get off of me!” at the accused killer right before he was allegedly repeatedly impaled by Jackson’s knife.


NYPD insiders claimed that the late Caughman, who shared his affinity for recycling and celebrity autographs on his Twitter profile, initially seemed hesitant about sharing what Jackson had done to him due to his own past arrest record. Nonetheless, he eventually relented, describing his killer as being a Caucasian male with blonde hair before succumbing to his injuries later on at an undisclosed medical treatment facility.

Earlier that same day, Jackson was seen on hidden cameras attempting to approach another black man in the same area, but he seemingly refrained from doing so for reasons unknown. After allegedly assaulting Caughman, sources say Jackson headed to a nearby eatery in order to wash his victim’s blood off his hands in the bathroom sink. He has since officially been charged with first-degree murder.

Military records note that James Harris Jackson received an honorary discharge in 2012 after first being deployed to both Afghanistan and Germany as a private in the United States Army. He also attended Ohio Wesleyan University beginning in 2007, but it is unknown whether he completed all graduation requirements.

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