WWE Hall of Fame Legend Jim Ross Reveals Wife Died Following Accident (Updated)

In some tragic and heartbreaking news, WWE Hall of Fame legendary announcer Jim Ross has revealed in his latest blog post that his wife, Jan, is on life support after an accident on Monday night, March 20.

  • Updated to report that Jim Ross announced that his wife passed away following the accident.

According to Ross, his wife was riding her Vespa scooter home from the gym near their home in Oklahoma when a car struck her from behind. Jim said that his wife is on life support after suffering a catastrophic brain injury.


According to Jim Ross, the accident happened at 9:33 p.m., and Jan wasn’t wearing a helmet. According to Ross, he feels that played into the severity of the injuries.

“Jan suffered a catastrophic brain injury including multiple skull fractures. My little Angel was unfortunately not wearing a helmet which arguably would have prevented the extreme nature of her injuries. I will fully admit that there has been no experience in my life that could have prepared me for this life changing week.”

Jim Ross then stated that she is on life support, which is keeping her alive at this time. However, Ross thanked everyone for their prayers and said that he believes that there is still hope. Jim said that they hope the swelling on her brain subsides, which is what has to happen for her to survive this ordeal.

WWE Hall of Fame Legend Jim Ross Reveals Wife Is On Life Support
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According to Jim Ross, he was recording his latest episode of his podcast, The Ross Report, when the accident happened. He said the car that caused the accident was a Mercury Grand Marquis driven by a young 17-year-old. Both vehicles caught fire, but the young man walked away without an injury.


TMZ caught up with WWE superstar Big Show, who said that the entire WWE family is praying for Jim Ross and Jan at the time. He also said that Jim has the entire support of the entire WWE as he faces this tough situation.

Jim Ross said that he met his wife 21 years ago when he was still working for the WCW. He said that she stood by him through all the ups and downs up his WWE career and was supportive when he was in charge of talent relations, he said that she would cook meals and open their home to some of the WWE’s biggest stars when they were breaking in.

WWE Hall of Fame Legend Jim Ross Reveals Wife Is On Life Support
[Image by WWE]

Also, for those who aren’t aware, Jim Ross has suffered through multiple Bell’s palsy attacks that led to bouts of depression as well as a dependence on Ambien. He said that Jan was there the entire time, never turning away, and supporting him through all his troubles.

“This woman loves me more than I’ll ever deserve and simply knowing her has enriched my life to levels that I can never repay.”

Jim Ross started out his career working as an announcer for Mid-South Wrestling near his home in Oklahoma. Ross moved on to WCW when they bought out Mid-South and then jumped to the WWE in 1993. While there, Jim became the voice of the WWE and called some of the biggest matches in the history of the company.


During his time in the WWE, Jim Ross moved up in ranks and became the head of talent relations, signing names like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Randy Orton. Ross finally left the WWE in 2014 and has since focused on his podcast, his Bar-B-Q sauce company, writing for Fox Sports, and occasionally calling matches for other companies.

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