WWE News: WWE Bringing Back Old Pay-Per-View Event After More Than A Decade

All of the current focus of WWE and its fans is on next weekend as WrestleMania 33 is quickly approaching and it is going to be huge. There will be a number of other pay-per-view (PPV) events this year, though, and WWE is actually bringing a very old one back. This summer, WWE will present Bad Blood which is going to be a Monday Night Raw-exclusive event, and longtime wrestling fans may remember this PPV for being the debut of the infamous Hell in a Cell.

Over the years, WWE has switched in and out different PPV names and events where there usually isn’t much difference except for the theme. Sure, there will sometimes be PPV-specific matches, but most of the time, it is just a theme and a name that is different from the one before.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that for the first time in 13 years, WWE is bringing back the Bad Blood pay-per-view and it will take place at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut on July 9. As it is still months away, nothing much is known about the event, but it has been revealed to be a Monday Night Raw show.

For those who have watched wrestling and WWE for many years, they will remember the Bad Blood name and some of the big debuts it brought to the company. Most notably, the first ever Bad Blood brought about the debuts of the Hell in a Cell structure and Kane.

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The first-ever one of these PPVs took place on Oct. 5, 1997, and it was actually called Badd Blood: In Your House. At this event, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker face off in the first-ever Hell in a Cell match to determine a number one contender to the WWF/WWE Championship held by Bret Hart.

Michaels ended up winning the match due to the outside interference of The Undertaker’s “brother” which marked the debut of Kane. That is an angle that had been built up for months, and it would continue for years and years in WWE.

There have been only two other Bad Blood PPVs in history, and they took place in 2003 and 2004. Both of those shows were also exclusive to Monday Night Raw as they took place during the first brand extension in WWE.

One interesting thing to note is that while this is the first time Bad Blood is returning in 13 years, it is a PPV that Goldberg once wrestled at. Yes, during his first run in WWE, Bad Blood in 2003 is one of the few events that he was on the card for, and fans saw him defeat Chris Jericho in a singles match.

That is kind of interesting considering that Goldberg could end up sticking around for some dates after WrestleMania 33 as Inquisitr recently reported.

Now, while WWE does have the Hell in a Cell PPV that typically takes place each October, there is something else to notice about Bad Blood‘s past. At each of the three PPVs, there has been a Hell in a Cell match which was for or directly involved a storyline for the WWF/WWE Championship.

At this time, there isn’t much known about Bad Blood, and anything is possible to happen by the middle of the summer. WWE doesn’t even have it on their schedule yet, but Cageside Seats is reporting that it will take place after Money in the Bank.

WWE does have to bring forth a lot of different pay-per-view events over the years, and it is no surprise that they bring back old names to keep things fresh. Bad Blood will be a Monday Night Raw-exclusive event, but it is not yet known if there will be any unique theme or match for it. While the history of the PPV has the debuts of the Hell in a Cell and Kane, it is quite interesting to wait until Goldberg is around to bring back one of the few events he first wrestled at.

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