Westminster Bridge Terror Attack Car Videos, Photos — #PrayForLondon Trends

According to Twitter, the following terms surrounding Westminster Bridge are being searched for, including “Westminster Bridge mowed down” and “Westminster Bridge pictures,” and “Westminster Bridge incident photos,” along with the trending #PrayForLondon hashtag. “Westminster Bridge car” and “Westminster Bridge terror attack” are also trending. As seen in the above photo from Westminster Bridge on Wednesday, March 22, a man who was injured sat covered with a blanket as he received medical care in the wake of an attack on the south side of Westminster Bridge.

The below video shows the wake of the melee that happened nearby the Houses of Parliament in London, with the graphic video appearing to show a car that has crashed into the side of the Westminster Bridge, with a person gravely injured or killed in the incident. It is not known if the video shows the terror attack car that mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, or if the video shows another car involved in the attack as a victim.

Warning: The below videos of the aftermath of the Westminster Bridge terror attack is graphic and might be disturbing to viewers.


London police also dealt with a gun and knife incident at Britain’s Parliament and called it a terrorist incident until authorities knew anything different. In the meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police are still investigating the incident that seemed to happen in different locations, with a man who attacked a Parliament police officer with a knife having been shot by officers.

On Westminster Bridge, a car moved down several people with the vehicle in a terror attack.

At 10:44 a.m. ET, Claudia @claudiascore on wrote in all caps that people should avoid not only Westminster Bridge, but the Westminster area altogether.


Score next reported that she was on Westminster Bridge when she heard a loud band and saw what was reflected on her video in the wake of the car running over people. Claudia saw a man running with shots being fired at him, and she wrote that she heard screams for people to get down to avoid being shot.

There was panic, Claudia wrote, and she tried to attend to the man who was stuck beneath the car, but she could not get to the man stuck under the car. Claudia wrote the attack on Westminster Bridge left her shaken up and that she also searched for a co-worker after the terror attack. However, she found his or her photo in the news reports about the Westminster Bridge incident, with the person being treated for minor injuries.

“I was on Westminster when the loud bang happened. Saw what’s on my vid but then saw a man run and shots fired at him. ‘Get down!.’ Panic. Tried to check on the guy stuck under the car but couldn’t get to him. Looked in really bad shape. I’m shaken up to say the least. Couldn’t get in touch with a colleague that left work at the same time – just found a photo on news, being treated to minor injuries.”

More videos of the Westminster Bridge incident can be found on Twitter’s video page, and photos of the Westminster Bridge attack can be found on Twitter’s photo page.


According to the above report from the New York Daily News, four people were killed in the attacks that occurred in London at Parliament and the Westminster Bridge.


The photos and videos stemming from the incident show panic as people ran from Westminster Bridge.


Photos like the one above from Reuters show debris on Westminster Bridge in the wake of the car attack.

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