‘Stalker’s Prey’: Lifetime TV’s ‘Hunter’s Cove’ Movie, Starring Saxon Sharbino

Well, you know how much Lifetime Television loves stalker movies. This weekend gear up for Stalker’s Prey, a new Lifetime movie thriller that will premiere this Saturday night. Directed by Colin Theys and written by screenwriter John Doolan, Stalker’s Prey tells the story of a shark attack survivor who becomes the obsession of the man who saved her life. The original new Lifetime flick stars Saxon Sharbino, Cynthia Gibb, and Mason Dye. Stalker’s Prey is also known under the original title Hunter’s Cove.


A Quick Synopsis Of Stalker’s Prey (aka Hunter’s Cove) On Lifetime

It’s Laura’s 18th birthday, and she couldn’t be more excited. Laura is an adult now and looking to do some adult things. First up is to spend her birthday at the beach, where she will enjoy time with friends and soak up the sun. But this trip to a lovely cove will be more than she bargained for as she realizes that this could be her last birthday celebration.

As Laura dives into the deep blue sea, she is hoping for sun kisses. Instead, in an almost deadly turn of events, Laura is attacked by a shark. However, it isn’t the end for her just yet, since Bruce, a handsome stranger has come to the rescue. Once she is pulled to safety, Laura realizes this was a close call and that she owes Bruce her life.

The mysterious but charming savior is home from college, where he is now also a local hero after the newspaper gets wind of the story. Being a hero is great, but Bruce has more on his mind: getting to know Laura and making her all his. Bruce seems to get his wish after the chance encounter quickly blooms into a relationship. To make sure that he keeps Laura’s interest, Bruce buys Laura expensive gifts and lavishes her with the most beautiful flowers.

But soon his interest turns into a full-blown obsession as Laura begins to notice that Bruce is showing up everywhere. She tries to pull back, but the more she does, the more Bruce seems determined to get even closer. He shows up at her home unannounced and even waves to her as she passes him on the street.

How does he know where she’ll be at every given turn?


Meanwhile, the already strange situation becomes downright scary when Laura begins to experience small catastrophes and even sees a dead body up close and personal. Could Mr. Right turn out to be Mr. All Wrong?

Lifetime viewers are probably wondering if Stalker’s Prey is based on a true story. It doesn’t seem to be, but there are some interesting stories for you to review.

According to WJAC-6, a homeless man made headlines after he returned a purse with a wad of cash to a woman who had lost it. Considered a hero in his Pennsylvania town, the tides changed after he was jailed for stalking the same woman.

That same year, a #SaveRape story went viral after a woman claimed that a man saved her from drowning but then decided to sue him for touching her in all the wrong places. It turned out to be a joke. But the internet went crazy over the buzz. Here is the original post by comedian Cassidy as written at Konbini.

“I was disgusted at this hairy man having felt it appropriate to touch my body like that. To grab me forcefully and pull me in what ever direction HE wanted to go. He took control of my body down there in the cold water, when I was unconscious and unable to look out for myself, he touched my all-but-bikini bare body when I was KNOCKED out and unable to struggle. Him, being a white man, felt he had the right to possess my milky body – to put his rough hands on my innocent flesh and command my body to come with him to the surface. I did NOT give him consent, in fact I was UNABLE to give consent and yet he grabbed me around my waist and gripped my hand and pressed my body against his like we he wanted to engage in aquatic sex.”


Don’t miss this week’s Lifetime movie. Stalker’s Prey airs this Saturday, March 25, at 8/7 p.m. Central.

Lifetime’s movie Stalker’s Prey is co-produced by Kevin Shea with executive producers Bonnie Farley-Lucas and Richard J. Lucas on board. The production credit goes to Stargazer Films (II) and Synthetic Cinema International, according to IMDb. Filming for Stalker’s Prey took place at East Lyme High School in East Lyme, Connecticut.

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