Kaitlyn Bristowe Explains Why She’s Freezing Her Eggs Before Her Wedding

Kaitlyn Bristowe is freezing her eggs, and the empowering move has nothing to do with her health or any kind of cold feet about marrying her Bachelorette fiancé, Shawn Booth. In a new interview with Good Morning America, Bristowe revealed that freezing her eggs is “a backup plan” so that the couple can avoid pressure to have kids right away after they get married.

“I think a lot of women feel pressure to have kids, especially once you get engaged,” Kaitlyn told the ABC morning show. “‘When’s the wedding and when are you going to have babies?’ And for me, I’m like, ‘I don’t want that pressure on myself.’ This is kind of a backup plan for us, and for us to feel comfortable. It’s kind of like insurance.”


Kaitlyn’s fiancé is in full support of the egg-freezing move. In the GMA interview, Bristowe said Shawn’s role in the decision was “crucial” and that she couldn’t have gone through the procedure without his support.

After her procedure, Booth posted a photo of Kaitlyn taking a nap, and he captioned it by saying he’s proud of her for “taking control of our future.” Booth also gave a shout out to the couple’s nurse at Ova Egg Freezing, Chris Soules’ former Bachelor fiancée, Whitney Bischoff.

Kaitlyn Bristowe previously teased that she was toying with egg freezing. Earlier this month, Kaitlyn posted a series of tweets in which she told fans she was ready to take charge of her biological clock so she could have kids when the time is right for her. Bristowe joked that she was giving her eggs to “Whitney and Ova” so they could babysit them for her.


Shawn and Kaitlyn have not yet set a wedding date, but the couple said they might want to have five or more kids someday.

“We always say we want to have probably five, but we’ll talk after we have one,” Bristowe’s fiancé told Good Morning America.

Of course, fans know that Kaitlyn and Shawn have long said they are more excited about starting a family than they are about getting married.

“The idea of family is more exciting to us than planning a wedding,” Bristowe dished to People last year.

“We know we’re going to get married, but we’re really pumped to start a family! I don’t feel like there is a specific order we have to go in.”

In fact, just weeks after Booth put a 3.5 carat Neil Lane ring on her finger during the 2015 Bachelorette finale, Kaitlyn told Extra she was ready to be a mom.

“I want to be like a soccer mom, and have a big van, not a van, but a big vehicle with all my kids,” Bristowe said at the time. “I love that I love the idea of that, a couple dogs in the back.”

Now that she has decided to wait, Kaitlyn Bristowe joins other Bachelor alums who are in support of taking charge of their biological clocks. Fellow franchise stars Carly Waddell and Andi Dorfman recently posed with Bristowe and Bischoff alongside Dr. Brian Kaplan from the Ova Egg Freezing clinic in Chicago.


Waddell, who’s engaged to her Bachelor in Paradise love Evan Bass, previously posted a video to reveal that after years of hormonal problems, she was told she may never be able to have kids. However, she says now her worries are gone because she has the “best backup plan in the entire world.” Dorfman has not revealed if she plans to freeze her eggs, but clearly, she’s in support of the procedure.

You can see Kaitlyn Bristowe sharing her story with GMA in the video below.

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