‘I’d Have To Kill Trump Or Hitler’ Claims ‘Making History’ Star Adam Pally

Adam Pally has a pretty low opinion about President Donald Trump. TMZ ran into the Making History star and asked him what he’d do with a time machine. In response, the actor said he’d go back in time and kill either Adolf Hitler or Trump.

Pally, who stars on a show about time travel, quickly backtracked on his statement and clarified what he really meant.

“I’d have to kill Trump or Hitler… maybe I’d go back and love them more so they wouldn’t do these things,” he stated.

Rare is reporting that Pally probably changed his response to avoid unwanted criticism. Snoop Dogg was the victim of a barrage of negative comments after he uploaded a video of himself pointing a gun at a clown pretending to be Trump.

However, that hasn’t stopped Pally from continuing his assault on the Trump family. Later, the actor told fans on social media to send pictures of Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, to Jared Kushner, Trump’s advisor. Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, was linked with Trudeau.

Adam Pally and Leighton Meester on 'Making History.' [Image by Fox]

In addition to slamming the Trumps, Bravo is reporting that Pally might be gearing up for a Happy Endings reboot. During an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, the actor admitted that he’d love to see a short revival of the ABC comedy.

“I hope that there will be a Happy Endings reunion someday,” he stated. “But so far, all the people with money, who make decisions, don’t know what it is. So it’s hard to get it. I mean, I would fund it myself, but I don’t have any money.”

While a Happy Endings reunion on the small screens isn’t in the works, fans did see the cast together during the Vulture Festival last year. Pally joined Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Casey Wilson, and Damon Wayans Jr. on a panel at the event. The cast members were joined by series creators David Caspe and Jonathan Groff.

happy endings

Caspe revealed that several networks offered him funding to bring Happy Endings back, but he never pursued any of them. He didn’t, however, rule out the possibility of revisiting the show at some point.

Speaking of Pally’s old shows, Cinema Blend reports that he recently dished on why he decided to part ways with The Mindy Project. Pally first appeared on the show in Season 2 and left in Season 3 after the series had been picked up by Hulu. Pally explained how he enjoyed his time on the show and revealed that he was only supposed to appear in one episode.

“At the time it was over, I had done five years straight of 22 episodes of network television, and I was a little burnt, and I wanted to do indie movies,” he admitted. “And so I went and I did, and Mindy was totally fine with it. Which, not a lot of bosses would be.”


In the meantime, fans can watch Pally on the first season of his new show, Making History. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pally explained how his time-travelling comedy doesn’t romanticize the past. Instead, the series deals with the past without sugar-coating anything.

The show follows Pally’s character as he travels through time with his girlfriend, played by Leighton Meester, and a college history professor, portrayed by Yassir Lester.

“But I’m a Jew, Yassir is a black man, and Leighton’s a woman,” he stated. “The only time that is good for us was, like, the last eight years. Everything else is horrible. This dealt with that very realistically.”

New episodes of Making History air Sunday nights on Fox, and you can catch all previous episodes on Hulu. Check out a preview below.

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