‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fail: ‘A Streetcar Naked Desire’ Cost Kevin $2,200 Or More

The Tuesday episode of Wheel of Fortune is going viral, as reported by USA Today. As seen in the below video from CBS News, a Wheel of Fortune player named Kevin had every letter to the title of the play named A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams uncovered, except the letter “M” in “Named.” With the word “Na*ed” staring Kevin in the face, and $1,600 already in his bank, Kevin landed on the $600 slot in the now-viral Wheel of Fortune round. Therefore, if Kevin would have correctly guessed the missing “M” in the “na*ed” title of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, A Streetcar Named Desire, he would have at least won $2,200 or more for that puzzle alone. However, Kevin didn’t realize he was only missing an “M” and instead called out the letter “K,” much to the surprise of the Wheel of Fortune audience, who gasped.

After Kevin’s flub, which will forever be captured in the annals of Wheel of Fortune fail clips on YouTube, the next Wheel of Fortune contestant named Lisa correctly guessed the “M” in “Named” and went on to solve A Streetcar Named Desire correctly. Pat Sajak couldn’t go without making a joke out of the whole incident, with the Wheel of Fortune host quipping that even though Lisa won that puzzle with her correct Wheel of Fortune answer, Pat would much rather see Kevin’s A Streetcar Naked Desire play.

On Twitter, folks are having a bunch of fun with the Wheel of Fortune fail, as seen in some of the tweets being published about the incident below. Some people likened Kevin to the character of Joey on Friends, who called a Wheel of Fortune contestant stupid for not guessing “Count Rushmore” as the answer to a puzzle.

Emily Weiss: “This guy on wheel of fortune just guessed A Streetcar Naked Desire I’m so done.”

S.E. Cupp: “Feeling for “Streetcar Naked Desire” guy tonight on @WheelofFortune. The real life Joey.”

LaKeena McGee: “A puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE. Guy asked for a K. I’ll show myself out.”

Pebble The Pibble: “I signed up for Twitter bc the guy on @WheelofFortune said K for “A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE” and I laughed so hard I HAD to tell someone.”

On YouTube, folks are having a field day over Kevin’s flub as well.

Chudapi2: “We all see you Kevin…we all see you…”

75joev10: “‘Naked Desire’ who could resist that?”

JT Smith: “Haha, probably mistook it for the epic porn flick… Street Car Naked Desire… happens to me all the time. ;)”

While Kevin is going viral in a bad way, some folks are wondering what happened to Kevin. As of this writing, the most recent video on the Wheel of Fortune YouTube channel shows Lisa winning $16,650, plus a trip to Cabo San Lucas, with Kevin looking on.

Online, folks are having a variety of reactions to Kevin’s Wheel of Fortune fail, with some saying that “Na*ed” looks so much like “Naked” that they couldn’t blame Kevin for guessing a “K.” Plus, the fact that the “Na*ed” word was so close to the “Desire” word, Kevin’s mind likely naturally filled in a naughtier substitute for the word “Named.” Others are berating Kevin for not knowing A Streetcar Named Desire, such a famous play that it was turned into a movie.

Wheel of Fortune
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As seen in the above photo, Marlon Brando posed as the character Terry Malloy from On The Waterfront in 1954. However, it was Brando’s role in A Streetcar Named Desire that has been credited with revolutionizing American acting.


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