Dr. Phil Interviews Woman Who Was Sold Into Sex Trafficking at Birth

Fiona Miller

Dr. Phil may have been in the headlines most recently for catapulting "Cash Me Ousside" girl Danielle Bregoli into stardom, but yesterday he covered an incredibly serious topic with a former child sex slave known only by the name of Kendall.

Kendall, who appeared on the Dr. Phil Show wearing a wig, presumably to disguise her identity, regaled the audience with the horrific tale of her life as a sex slave. Sold into a human trafficking ring at birth, Kendall says she grew up thinking it was normal for men to fondle babies.

Dr. Phil stated that her story was so violent and outrageous that it might be tempting to believe it was all a fabrication. However, he stated during the show that a source close to him has confirmed that Kendall was, indeed, sold into sex slavery as a child and was passed around a large and very powerful pedophilia ring.

The young woman says that she only met her birth parents once, and they confirmed that they had sold her to the "man who owns her." When she asked why they had sentenced her to a life of prostitution and horror, they told her that what they had done was best for her and that she should be grateful.

This life Kendall was supposed to be grateful for was something out of a horror film. Kendall told Dr. Phil and his audience that she was kept in a cage suspended from the ceiling with several other children. For the amusement of their "owner" and the clientele, Kendall and the other children were made to act like dogs and eat dog feces.

For punishment, the man often electrocuted Kendall to make sure she "knew her place."


Dr. Phil's interview also revealed that Kendall was sent all over the world in private jets to "entertain" clients. This often meant random strangers raped her at will or forced her to perform sex acts on other people. During the rapes and abuse, Kendall says that clients were allowed to beat and suffocate her for their own pleasure as long as they didn't leave marks on her face.

Before these nightmarish sex shows, Kendall and the other children had a professional makeup artist help them look as "attractive" as possible for their clients.

When the man who owned Kendall and the other children wasn't around, she said that there were people called "Watchers" employed specifically to look after them and ensure that they didn't escape.


Sometimes they were moved from place to place under the cover of night. The children would be drugged and placed in the beds of trucks where they would often awaken in cages in an unknown location.

The man who owned Kendall told her that she was special and that not every little girl could do what she did. She was able to, he said, do these depraved acts because she was smart.

When Dr. Phil asked Kendall the first time she remembers being abused, she replied that the first instance occurred even before she could talk.

Kendall told Dr. Phil during her interview that the little boys were abused by men from a young age, but when they turned five, they were abused and forced to have sex with women. The little girls, however, were raped from the time they were infants.

She told Dr. Phil that the horrific and depraved abuse was normal to her, and she couldn't fathom a life beyond the violence.

The shocking episode of Dr. Phil aired on March 21 and sent shockwaves through his horrified audience.

Kendall says that since she left three years ago, everything has "been so hard."

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