WWE News: Paige Sex Video Leak Brings Concern By Her Parents Over Mental Health

This past Friday, WWE headlines were all about the Paige sex video leak, after the current women’s superstar had her phone stolen and hacked. The scandal brought not only Paige into the spotlight, but also more active Raw roster member Xavier Woods of the New Day and former WWE talent Brad Maddox. The release of the explicit materials and the way in which a good number of online comments have been continuing to make jokes of the situation has also led to Paige’s parents showing concern for their daughter’s mental health.

Not long after the leaked photos and sex video featuring Paige, Maddox, and Woods hit the internet, both Paige and her mother sent tweets out regarding the incident. Paige admitted that the explicit materials were, in fact, stolen from her, and her mother showed support for her daughter. Despite that, there were plenty of comments poking fun at the situation with memes, animated GIFs, and one-liners aimed at the recently leaked content.

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige with belt
Paige's parents have expressed concern for their daughter's mental health following the leak of explicit photos and sex video after Paige had her phone hacked. [Image by WWE]

According to Wrestlezone, Paige’s father, Ricky Knight, recently posted his support for his daughter on his Facebook page while also raising concern about her mental health.

“My last say on the scandal surrounding my daughter I have just spoken to her over facebook and I am worried for her mental health or worse ffs world get a grip she has not killed anyone robbed anyone she was having sex in a private situation between consulting adults and then has been betrayed by some low lifes as her dad I urge people to back off as I say I am very worried for her it will be no good backing her when it’s too late like many other celebrities who have left us.”

Paige’s mother posted again on Twitter, but this time her message regarding the whole situation expressed much more concern than before.

Due to the fact that the WWE fans tend to be so vocal not only at live events but also on social media, it has led to more attention than usual over the leaked photos and videos. Paige showed poise in releasing a quick statement on Twitter and has been silent about the matter since. Woods was part of the WWE Raw episode in Brooklyn, New York, this past Monday, but only in a backstage segment. WWE also made the wise choice to have New Day deliver a quick one-liner about the incident in order to subtly address the matter.

It’s been mentioned in the past several days since the incident that WWE would be wrong to fire Paige and/or Woods due to the recent scandal. The major points are the fact that nothing wrong was done by either of the talents as they were consenting adults who had private footage of them stolen and leaked. In addition, Woods is a rather prominent member of the current WWE roster, and Paige, although in hot water over WWE for other issues, has been healing from neck surgery. Releasing her while she is still recovering would certainly look bad.

WWE star Paige poses in the ring
Paige is the focus of an in-production movie about her wrestling journey called Fighting With My Family. [Image by WWE]

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer recently said that the company isn’t going to punish Paige or Woods. He suggested that punishing either of these superstars would probably mean WWE needs to create a policy for this sort of thing, and it would likely mean the company couldn’t bring Hulk Hogan back either.

WWE will likely keep Paige on the roster for the foreseeable future as WWE Studios is also involved in the production of a movie called Fighting with My Family, which documents part of Paige’s wrestling journey. Since Paige is still away from television but is featured on WWE’s show Total Divas, as well as in this upcoming film about her life, she has some time to heal as the scandal dissipates. The WWE Universe can be harsh on superstars in general, but this sort of thing is on a different level due to the personal and private nature of the materials involved.

The WWE can now do best for Paige by helping to provide the necessary support and resources she needs to deal with this damaging hacking scandal as it will eventually fade out of the fans’ online commentary.

[Featured Image by WWE]