Melania Trump Rumors: She Refuses To Share Bed With Husband, Report Claims

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are putting on a front for the public eye, a new report claims. The two don’t even share the same bed and Melania wants as little to do with her husband as possible, adding more fuel to rumors about the state of their marriage and what goes on behind closed doors.

Are the newest allegations falsehoods meant to exacerbate rumors about Melania Trump feeling trapped as the first lady, or are they true?

Last month, someone described as a “family source” leaked that Melania Trump is “miserable” in her role as the first lady. An insider said that the 46-year-old begrudgingly tolerating her role as the first lady and is indignant over how her life “ended up.”

More sources are speaking out about the state of the Trumps’ marriage, with one characterized again as a “family source.”

Multiple sources told Us Weekly that Melania Trump refuses to sleep with her husband and that they’re faking any affection they express for one another in photo ops, the latest being last Friday when they were photographed with son Barron walking across the White House lawn. The president and first lady were holding hands for the cameras, but as soon as they were away from the public eye, a family source claims Melania dropped his hand and cut the act.

“Melania does not keep hidden from everyone around her how miserable she is.”

On the rare occasions that the president and Melania are together, another source says they don’t sleep together.

“They have separate bedrooms. They never spend the night together — ever.”

A third source dished that the Trumps do sleep in the same room, but they have separate beds, calling it “very ‘royal’ of them!”

The family source maintains that Melania Trump is unhappy with the life she has now since her husband was elected president and isn’t thrilled about having a lot to do with him.

“Melania wants as little to do with Donald as possible. She is not interested in Donald, the presidency or anything involving him.”

Melania Trump has carried out some official duties as the first lady in Washington, D.C. The family source alleged that when she escorted Akie Abe, the Japanese prime minister’s wife, around a Japanese garden and Palm Beach in February, she did it “only because she was going to be at Mar-a-Lago already. She refused to do it in Washington.”

A rep for Melania Trump reacted to the Us report by denying all of the claims.

“It’s unfortunate that you are going to feature unnamed ‘sources’ that have provided fictional accounts.”

The rep defended the first lady as well last month when a family source alleged that Melania Trump is “miserable” in her marriage.

It’s unknown what the real state of Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage is or if divorce is in the future. Speculations continue and have mostly derived from photos that people read into — or the fact that Melania is waiting months before moving into the White House. Once the couple’s 11-year-old son, Barron, finishes school in New York this June, he and his mother will finally move to Washington, D.C. His parents have already chosen a school for him there, but it hasn’t been revealed which one.

When Melania Trump moves to the White House, will there still be reports about how unhappy she is in her marriage?

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