Charlie Sheen Reveals Who In Hollywood Secretly Has HIV


Charlie Sheen reveals who in Hollywood is secretly suffering from HIV. The former Two & Half Men actor claimed that he knows people who have HIV in Hollywood and that they are keeping it a secret.

Charlie Sheen appeared on the Kyle and Jackie ‘O’ show and was asked if he knew people in Hollywood who had HIV and would never come out and admit it like Charlie did. Charlie announced that he knew who they were but he would take it to his grave before letting the world know.

Charlie Sheen reveals who in Hollywood is secretly suffering from HIV
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Platoon actor revealed to German Playboy that there was a lot of prejudice against HIV-positive people and that he hoped to change that. He added that it would be good if other celebrities came out and announced that they had the disease.

Charlie claims that the drug he used, PROS-140, to treat his virus has made him safer than most people,

“I am actually safer than most cats out there that profess to be on the tallest tree.”

Charlie’s HIV Is Suppressed

During an interview with Daily Mail Online Charlie spoke about the treatment that he was on and said that it was amazing as he thought he would be stuck on a cocktail of drugs. Charlie revealed that he was using the drug PRO-140 from as early as 2016 and chose not to use antiretroviral therapy. Rather than taking a daily drug Charlie would receive a weekly injection and was informed by the head of the clinical trial drug that his HIV was in complete suppression.

Charlie claimed that there were no side effects he said that the only thing he felt was a bit of fatigue after receiving the injection.

Charlie Sheen reveals who in Hollywood is secretly suffering from HIV
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Charlie announced to the world that he had HIV and has since been very open about his diagnosis and how he thinks he got in the first place. Charlie revealed that he hasn’t been sexually active since he revealed his diagnosis.

Charlie was interviewed by Dan Wooton for The Sun and said that he had only had unprotected sex twice despite being pro condoms. He said that he was either too drunk or bored and that’s what led him to getting HIV. Sheen informed Dan that one would be amazed by how much they could accomplish and learn when they’re not trying to have sex.

According to the Anger Management star that he would be spending more time with his parents and that sex was not a big deal.

Jenny Mccarthy Is Bad At Math

After Charlie Sheen revealed that he was HIV-positive in November 2015 he received different views about his diagnosis. He admitted on the Today show to Matt Lauer that he had paid up to $10 million dollars to keep his status a secret but was betrayed by the same people he had paid off.

Days after the shocking revelation Jenny McCarthy bashed Charlie for not revealing his status to her while the two were filming Two and a Half Men.The Playboy star said on her SiriusXM radio show that she didn’t really know how to feel about the revelation.

Charlie responded to Kyle and Jackie ‘O’ that he thought she was a doll but her math was wrong and that she should go back and murder math teacher. He said that he didn’t have HIV when the two were shooting the show together and laughed at the idea the Jenny was looking for some form of sympathy.

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