‘DWTS’: Wendy Williams Launches Campaign To Have Heather Morris Replaced [Video]

Heather Morris’ appearance on Dancing With the Stars has caused controversy ever since she was announced as a contestant last month and now Wendy Williams has launched a campaign to get the former Glee star “kicked off” and replaced.

Wendy revealed her big plan to have Morris replaced on The Wendy Williams Show on March 21, telling viewers that they should complain about Heather appearing on the show as a contestant due to her extensive experience as a professional dancer.

Williams, who appeared on DWTS during Season 12 alongside partner Tony Dovolani, got pretty candid when voicing her disapproval of Morris being allowed to compete on Dancing With the Stars and even urged her viewers to complain to the show and ask producers to have Heather “kicked off” immediately, despite Season 24 already kicking off on March 20.

Calling Heather “Beyonce’s backing dancer” due to her past dancing experience alongside the superstar, Williams bluntly told viewers on her daytime talk show that Morris “doesn’t deserve to be on this show,” is “too experienced” to be a contestant, and should be replaced.

Wendy admitted that she’s “thought long and hard” about what Dancing With the Stars producers should do amid the controversy surrounding Heather, before urging those behind the scenes to kick Morris off the show in the most sensational of ways.

“They’ve never had an invited guest [Morris] kicked off the show because the crowd resoundingly said that they are too good to even be on the show,” Wendy said of Heather’s dancing background, urging her audience to complain to the ABC series about Morris’ involvement.

“We’re the crowd, and if we make noise, and we have made noise,” Williams continued, telling Dancing With the Stars producers to sensationally ask Heather to leave the show and bring in another contestant in her place because the drama would “get a lot of press.”

“Look, you kick Heather off the show. Admit to us, the people, that you were wrong to bring her on,” Wendy then suggested. “You’ve been on since forever and you need to shake it up in some other way than you’ve been shaking it.”

Heather Morris replaced? Wendy Williams wants her off 'Dancing With the Stars'
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Wendy Williams then went on to state that DWTS producers should then replace Heather Morris after kicking her off the show, suggesting that comedian and actress Wanda Sykes should make her way into the ballroom instead.

Heather has not commented on Williams’ pretty scathing campaign to have her replaced on DWTS, though Morris’ stint on Dancing With the Stars has been bringing some serious drama to the show for the past few weeks.

Many DWTS fans slammed the series by claiming that Morris had an “unfair advantage” over her fellow contestants due to her extensive dancing background, after her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy admitted to E! News that he and Heather do in fact have a “massive advantage” on Dancing With the Stars Season 24.

“To say that we just have this massive advantage, I think so, but I don’t think we’re the only ones that could pull off beautiful, beautiful numbers,” Maksim said of his DWTS advantage with Morris earlier this month. “I’m ready for us to be scrutinized a little different and judged a little different and rightfully so.”

'DWTS' Wendy Williams Launches Campaign To Have Heather Morris Replaced
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Dancing With the Stars producers have also attempted to downplay the drama surrounding Morris, telling Hollywood Reporter that Heather does have an advantage, but not one that’s unfair to her fellow contestants.

“Does [Heather] have an advantage? Yeah. Is it unfair? No. She has never had a ballroom lesson. She’s never partner danced. That is a skill in and of itself,” DWTS producer Ashley Edens hit back amid the after fans claimed Morris competing on the series was unfair to her fellow competitors.

What do you think of Wendy Williams’ campaign to have Heather Morris kicked off Season 24 of Dancing With the Stars due to her past dancing experience?

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