Romney Hits Disneyland After Loss, Hangs With Grandkids

romney at disneyland

Mitt Romney’s Disneyland trip may be helping to soothe the failed GOP candidate’s feeling after his stunning loss earlier this month, as several Twitter users were abuzz at seeing the politician shaking off his defeat at the California park yesterday.

Romney at Disneyland of course will prompt comments that people traditionally pledge a voyage to the “Happiest Place On Earth” after a high-profile victory, which has led to the old cliche of adding “I’m going to Disneyland!” after a big public win.

Romney at Disneyland and the news’ handling is also a marked departure from coverage just a month earlier — while in late October, Mitt was campaigning like a beast trying to earn all the possible votes he could, and garnering massive press interest in his every move.

Now Romney’s Disneyland trip seems to be the first real grassroots interest the candidate has managed to drum up in his activities, as the story mainly came to light through park goers who spotted the Republican in the wild, ostensibly trying to put the election out of his mind just two weeks after it happened.

Romney’s Disneyland sighting is the second time in two days the former candidate has been sighted by regular Joes instead of press — just yesterday, a candid and unauthorized shot of a disheveled and frustrated looking Mitt Romney pumping gas was circulating on Reddit.

Well, mystery solved on that front as well — Romney wasn’t peevish about his loss, he probably just had a Suburban full of kids bouncing around in pre-Disneyland excitement and the break from the car was his only three minutes of silence before the voyage resumed.