‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: As Julian Death Haunts Alexis William DeVry Returns

General Hospital spoilers say Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is not taking Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) presumed death very well although you’d think with all the similar “deaths” in Port Charles that resulted in resurrections, she might be a bit more optimistic. Alexis has a rough time coming for her according to General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 27. Here’s a hint at what happens on General Hospital.

Julian Redeemed, Alexis Bottoms Out

General Hospital spoilers tease that Alexis might not have hit rock bottom with her drunkenness before since Julian’s death sends her spiraling out of control. Alexis blamed Julian for her alcoholic descent after he tormented her and tried to kill her on General Hospital. Alexis will soon teeter down to an even lower point than she was the night Tom Baker (Don Harvey) died.

The letter General Hospital fans saw Alexis read while ghost Julian sat at her side at the tea shop revealed all to her and totally redeemed Julian. Alexis now understands that everything Julian did was to protect her and the last few months of Julian’s life saw him totally misunderstood and taking blame for events out of his control on General Hospital. Someone else was to blame.


Alexis Gets A Shocking Knock At Her Door

Since reading Julian’s letter, General Hospital spoilers from ABC Soaps in Depth say Alexis is convinced that not only is Julian dead but he died alone and loveless because his family had turned their collective back on him while he struggled to protect them from the evil schemes of Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker). Alexis now finds herself alone and haunted by guilt for rejecting Julian.

New General Hospital spoilers reveal in the midst of her grief, Alexis gets an unexpected visit – it’s the last person she thought she would see in her hour of need. It’s Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) that comes knocking at her door just as Alexis feels like she’s at her lowest according to new General Hospital spoilers. But why does Alexis’ intimidating half-brother darken her door?


Valentin Offers Comfort

As General Hospital fans know, Valentin is not the monster he’s been made out to be. He, too, is greatly misunderstood just as Julian was. General Hospital spoilers predict Valentin could drop by to see Alexis to offer her comfort at a low point in her life. Alexis has no love lost for her brother since she’s still angry at him for killing Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), but will let him in anyway.

Valentin has proven himself to be a loving father to Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) and loving husband to Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) and General Hospital spoilers say he’ll reach out to Alexis in kindness knowing she’s in deep mourning. Will Alexis let her brother comfort her or slap the hand away that reaches out to her with empathy? General Hospital spoilers promise drama.


Alexis Tempted By Booze – Julian Returns!

Upcoming General Hospital spoilers also say that because Alexis is caught up in grief and misery, her alcoholic tendencies rise to the forefront and she’s tempted once again by the bottle. With Alexis alone, lonely, and missing her husband, what’s to stop her from diving head first into a bottle of red wine? General Hospital spoilers predict someone will stop her – but not whom you expect.

If you thought you’d seen the last of William deVry, think again, because General Hospital spoilers promise he’ll be back with Alexis next week, but not the way you think. As Alexis pours herself a drink and prepares to fall off the sober wagon, Julian returns to her, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers, but he’s not back in the way Alexis expects.


General Hospital Loves Their Ghosts

Just as we saw Julian haunted by the ghost of Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), General Hospital spoilers reveal Julian himself returns to Alexis as a ghostly vision. You’ll recall it was Julian that Alexis credits with getting her sober on General Hospital and now it will be Julian that prevents her from drowning her sorrows in booze once again. He’s still her hero.

General Hospital spoilers say an apparition, vision, ghost or whatever you want to call it, of Julian, comes to Alexis when she’s at her weakest and is about to wreck her life with alcohol once again. General Hospital spoilers predict that even in death, Julian saves Alexis. Of course, few General Hospital viewers expect Julian is really dead but, for now, his return is strictly ghostly!

Tune into General Hospital next week to see Alexis tempted by the bottle, surprised by her brother Valentin, and rescued by “ghost” Julian. Watch GH the week of March 27 to see what happens with these General Hospital spoilers.


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