Animal Adventure Park Update: April The Giraffe Getting Cranky And Agitated

The latest Animal Adventure Park update, which was posted on Facebook Tuesday night, reveals that April the Giraffe has been feeling “cranky” and “agitated” all night, reports Fox 8.

According to Animal Adventure Park’s update, April the Giraffe’s agitation could have been caused by the swelling of her back end. The keepers also speculate that our favorite giraffe felt uncomfortable being around the veterinarian, particularly around the time he checked her blood pressure using a Doppler. As those who have been keeping up with the Giraffe Cam live feed might have noticed, there was a white box-live device inside April’s enclosure at around 6:30 pm.

“3/21 Evening Update

Keeper Report: April seems to be a bit more “off”, dare we say agitated today (later day). April has had some serious back end swell and pulse today, witnessed by Jordan & Corey prior to enrichment install. Both giraffes enjoyed their newest enrichment toys until Oliver broke his and we went back to the drawing board. Improvements made and the will be re-introduced tomorrow around 9:30 am EST – be sure to tune in!”

The “vet report” in Animal Adventure Park’s update reveals that April had been a “fairly cranky giraffe” all night, which posed serious risks to the veterinarian.

“So if you were watching me in with her this evening (6:30ish) you would have seen a fairly cranky giraffe… you also would have seen me in there with a little white box looking thing. This is my doppler. Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to desensitize her to seeing, hearing and being touched by it. It’s easy to forget that she is a big and dangerous creature, you have to be real careful with how far you push them.”

Despite April the Giraffe’s night of crankiness, the park’s keepers don’t appear worried about April’s condition. In fact, changes have been minimal through Monday night, and everything seems to be going according to plan.

That said, those who have been tuning in to the Animal Adventure live feed might want to keep a closer eye on April from this point forward, since the park’s staff recently announced that the pregnant giraffe could be “in the home stretch.”

As for Oliver, the yet-to-be-born calf’s father, he is still staying inside his own enclosure next to April’s. The park’s staff has been introducing toys (which the staff calls “enrichment items”) to both Oliver and April to keep them occupied, and presumably those who are tuning into the Animal Adventure live feed. As revealed in the latest update, Oliver just broke his but more “enrichment toys” are expected to arrive at his enclosure at around 9:30 am tomorrow.

Those who have been keeping up with the live feed might want to think up names for the calf now that April the Giraffe is approaching the home stretch of her labor. As Jordan Patch, the owner of the park, told Hollywood Life, the naming contest will be launched to raise revenue to “support conservation and our foundation Ava’s Little Heroes.” The foundation was named after Jordan’s daughter Ava, who was born with a debilitating disease. Those who wish to join the naming contest are advised to wait for Animal Adventure’s instructions, which will be posted right after the calf is born.


For those who are waiting with bated breath for April the Giraffe to finally go on labor, there are a few facts that bear knowing. As reported by, the giraffe’s tentative due date was set for mid-February. This, of course, suggests that her labor is long overdue. However, it’s not strange for most pregnant giraffes to give birth a month or two late. At the rate April is going, her labor could happen in hours or days.

[Featured Image by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images]