Paige-Xavier Woods Video Scandal: No Spanking From WWE For Now

The Paige-Xavier Woods video scandal is causing a wide array of reaction as the wrestling stars get no punishment for the hacked and leaked explicit images and footage from the wrestling mania for now.

According to the Bleacher Report, Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer revealed WWE's decision on Tuesday, saying that the wrestling stars might still "face repercussions" of the leaked sexually explicit images should a WWE sponsor complain about it.

So far, WWE appears to be taking the situation rather lightly after allowing Woods to appear on RAW on Monday night where he was put on the hot seat in the backstage segment with Kofi Kingston and Big E.

In the segment, Big E and Kofi Kingston asked Woods if he had something to tell them and the viewing public while perfecting a synchronized stare. But instead of talking about the Paige-Xavier Woods video scandal, the controversial WWE star started spitting out a spiel for a promo about WrestleMania 33.

Bleacher Report noted that if WWE continued with how it is handling the matter, there is a good chance that the scandal will die out very soon.

But not everyone is happy at how the matter is being handled. Disappointed by WWE's (and the rest of the worldwide web's) reaction to the Paige-Xavier Woods video scandal, Comic Book noted that the entire issue reeks of sexism. Apparently, social media is taking sides in the sex video scandal where Paige is subjected to ire and disgust while Xavier Woods gets "virtual high fives."

To top it off, the outlet noted how the issue was immediately thrown aside as a joke, with Twitter users jumping in to get a good laugh at how WWE "handled the situation."

And while testosterone-filled tweets are trending, Paige's father shared his heartbreaking take on the matter on Facebook as cited by Comic Book.

WWE Diva Paige Faces Video Scandal
[Image by WWE]

Ricky Knight, Paige's dad, expressed his worry about his daughter's mental health after the video and images emerged online.

"I cannot lose my little girl!!" he wrote.

"The whole family has taken so much sh**, being blasted from all angles. But none of this is worth it. There is a broken soul here. I am on the verge of breaking over this and I cannot deal with anymore."
He further expressed his disgust at how his daughter was treated after being "betrayed by some low life" that resulted to the Paige-Xavier Woods video leak.

"My last say on the scandal surrounding my daughter: I have just spoken to her over Facebook and I am worried for her mental health or worse. [The] world [should] get a grip. She has not killed anyone [or] robbed anyone—she was having sex in a private situation between consulting adults," he added.

To top that off, Paige's mom, Saraya Knight, also posted on Twitter about how the Paige-Xavier Woods video scandal affected their family.

Still, Comic Book's coverage on the matter is not the only one that criticizes the fairness of it all. Primary Ignition, for example, expressed utter discontent at how things were managed, saying that things like this tend to "bring out the worst in people."
"Certain wrestling fans can already be a crass, immature group at times… People are so quick to judge. But the fact is, Bevis, Watson, and Kluttz are three consenting adults who did nothing wrong."
The unfairness of it all can also be seen at how Woods was allowed to show his face in RAW while Paige hasn't been seen in the network for quite some time for unknown reasons which allegedly is unrelated to the leak. According to Bleacher Report, she had a neck surgery back in October 2016 and is undergoing physical therapy since January.

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