Octomom Faces A $7,500 Civil Suit Over A Diamond Ring

nadya suleman

Octomom Nadya Suleman is the target of a $7,500 civil suit filed by a former business colleague. Damon Feldman, Celebrity Boxing founder, claims he engaged in a “publicity stunt” with Suleman in February. Feldman maintains he only jokingly proposed to her, according to Radar Online.

According to supposed Octomom civil suit details, Feldman claims the photos of him giving her a diamond ring were taken and sold for profit. If the Celebrity Boxing founder’s claims are accurate, Nadya Suleman was supposed to return the $7,500 diamond ring, but did not.

Damon Feldman had this to say about suing the Octomom during an interview with Radar Online:

“I have filed a civil suit to get my ring. I am in total shock that she has not returned this to me. This whole ordeal was planned by her and her manager and I went along with it because I was guaranteed to get money.”

The civil suit was reportedly filed on Wednesday. Suleman’s manager Gina Rodriguez and her company GR Media are also named in the court filing. Before taking on the role of talent manager, Rodriguez was a porn star.

Feldman considers the diamond ring her allowed Octomom to wear for the alleged publicity stunt stolen property. He had this to say about his feelings to Suleman:

“I am very disgusted. I went with this whole plan and I have always helped her. She made thousands of dollars in celebrity boxing. This is so ridiculous that she would do this to me, so she will pay. I am going to the extreme to get this back.”