Sean Spicer: Rockville High School Rape The Reason Immigration Is A Priority

The rape at Rockville High School in Maryland has been addressed by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a statement on Tuesday. Spicer cited the rape and assault of an unnamed 14-year-old girl at the Maryland high school last week as an example of why Donald Trump has made illegal immigration a priority.

According to reports, an as yet unnamed 14-year-old girl was violently raped, sodomized, and forced to perform oral sex on two boys after they pulled her into a cubicle in the boy’s bathroom at the high school. The alleged attackers have been identified as Jose O. Montano, 17, from El Salvador, and Harry E. Sanchez-Milian, 18, a native of Guatemala.

Rockville High School Rape Sean Spicer Immigration

FOX News have reported that Sanchez-Milian is a known illegal immigrant and has been arraigned to appear before an immigration judge after he was found to have entered the country illegally when stopped by a Border Patrol agent in Rio Grande, Texas, in 2016.

Speaking to press on Tuesday, Sean Spicer referenced the attack, using the incident as an example of why Trump has made immigration reform a top priority.

Rockville High School Rape Jose O. Montano
Jose O. Montano, 17, has been arrested for the assault and rape of an unnamed 14-year-old girl at Rockville High School, Maryland. [Image by WUSA9]

“I think part of the reason that the president has made illegal immigration and crackdown such a big deal is because of tragedies like this. We act so many times when we talk about this and say why is the president dealing with this, because of this priority. Well, part of the reason is because of the tragedy that this young girl dealt with, had inflicted upon her, whatever the word is, but this is why he is passionate about this.”

He continues on the importance of the nation’s schools as safe spaces.

“Let’s remember the human side of this, that this is a tragic event that no child, no person, no parent should ever have to deal with. School should be a place where a parent puts their child on a bus or drops them off or sees them off and knows that they’re safe.”


The attack made headlines across the country last week when it was reported the vicious attack had taken place in a high school bathroom. A statement from the Montgomery County Police elaborates on the attack.

“The victim was walking in a school hallway when she met two male students, identified as Montano and Sanchez. Montano asked the victim to walk with him and Sanchez. Montano asked the victim to engage in sexual intercourse. She refused. Montano asked the victim again and then forced her into a boy’s bathroom and then into a stall. Montano and Sanchez both raped the victim inside the bathroom stall.”

It has been reported that while the victim knew only one of the attackers, all three were in the ninth grade. This lead Spicer to question how a 17- and 18-year-old could be enrolled in the ninth grade. Montgomery County Superintendent Jack Smith explained that as the pair had no papers or record of their academic history, they were automatically enrolled as freshmen.

The Center for Immigration Studies, which finances studies supporting their position of minimizing immigration, has highlighted the “surge of illegal aliens arriving from Central America” under the Obama administration, criticizing the sanctuary policy of counties like Montgomery.

Foundation spokesperson Jessica Vaughan goes as far to suggest that the creation of laws allowing sanctuary communities have contributed to incidents like the Rockville High School rape.


“The surge of Central American kids has become a significant problem in many of the school districts where they are allowed to resettle. The result is that many gang members and other thugs and miscreants are allowed to remain in the county in defiance of immigration laws and causing problems like this.”

Both Montano and Sanchez-Milian have been refused bail as they are deemed to be a flight risk. The two are awaiting a court date where they will be tried as adults. If convicted, the pair face a maximum of life in prison.

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