EXID: K-Pop Girl Group Promises New Concept For 2017 Comeback

Back in 2012, Banana Culture Entertainment debuted their newest K-pop girl group known as Exceed In Dreaming, better known among fans as EXID. Originally consisting of eight members, the current lineup now has five members: Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin, and Jeonghwa.

For two years, EXID did their best to break into the K-pop scene, trying to find their niche of angle that would make them stand out among other girl groups let alone other K-pop acts. In 2015, they found it through the “sexy concept” utilized in their second mini-album Ah Yeah. It featured the song “Up & Down” which went on to become the most popular song they’ve ever performed. They also found success with the album’s self-titled track “Ah Yeah.” It wasn’t as popular as “Up & Down,” but it was popular enough in its own right.

Over the course of two years since Ah Yeah, EXID would find success with their following comeback, their first long play (LP) or full-length studio album titled Street. It featured two track songs, a pre-release track song titled “Hot Pink” and their title track song “L.I.E.”

The scene in which one of the members of EXID is holding a key with the room number "690." Once again, not a direct use of "69," but both numbers for it are prevalent. [Image via Screen Capture of EXID's Music Video for "L.I.E."]

The thing about their work since Ah Yeah is they utilize the sexy concept, sometimes pushing it too far in accordance to Korean culture. Their last featured track song “L.I.E.” was heavily criticized for numerous sexual references. Apparently, EXID got the hint as they promise to use a new concept for their 2017 K-pop comeback.

The news of EXID promising a new concept for their K-pop comeback was first made known during a photo shoot and interview for Arena Homme Plus, as reported by Korean news outlet Nate. Collectively, EXID said their image would change for their upcoming comeback.

“With this new album, we plan to show EXID’s unique bright side. We think EXID’s image will change a lot because of this.”

Once again, this concept change will be monumental as the last couple of years, EXID has been pushing sexy concepts. By changing it up, they prevent themselves from getting pigeon-holed into a concept, kind of like how Stellar is still pigeon-holed in extremely sexy concepts and GFriend was almost pigeon-holed into high school girl concepts. One member who is excited for the change is Hani, who associated the concept change to her getting older.

“I was able to change after going through so much last year. I definitely feel that I changed a lot after turning 26 years old.”

EXID posing in a group image for their 2017 comeback.
EXID is posing in numerous photo shoots, partaking in interviews, and doing other solo endeavors to keep the hype going while Solji recovers from hyperthyroidism. [Image by Banana Culture Entertainment/EXID's Official Daum Cafe]

Another unique detail about EXID’s comeback will be the absence of Solji. Banana Culture Entertainment made a statement on Solji’s absence in the upcoming K-pop comeback citing her health issues.

“On April 10, EXID will be coming back as a four-member group with LE, Junghwa, Hani, and Hyerin. Solji will be temporarily halting her activities due to health problems.”

Solji is currently resting and recovering from hyperthyroidism which is the excessive production of the thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland. It was discovered when she went to the doctor due to symptoms such as fever and exophthalmos (bulging eyes). Hyerin has been covering Solji’s parts during her absence.

The name of the K-pop comeback is yet to be revealed but what insiders know is that EXID’s comeback is scheduled for April 10. As we get closer to the date, fans expect EXID and Banana Culture Entertainment to start releasing pre-release teasers to help build hype specifically for the comeback instead of just building hype to keep EXID relevant.

[Featured Image by Banana Culture Entertainment/EXID’s Official Daum Cafe]