Sheree Whitfield Drops Bob: ‘RHOA’ Star Turning To Religion After Abuse?

Sheree Whitfield has often talked badly about Bob Whitfield even on the earlier seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sheree was newly divorced when she first joined the show years ago and she has since waited for her divorce settlement. When she did meet up with Bob Whitfield, he would be rude to her and he denied being mean to her. In one famous scene, Whitfield threw a bottle of water at him because he denied ever being mean to her after she said she had been taking of their children all by herself.

According to a new tweet, Sheree Whitfield is now revealing that it is emotional to relive some of the drama with her ex-husband. During the cast trip to Hawaii, Sheree and Bob talked about their past together, something that was very emotional for Sheree. She wanted to move on from the relationship, because he had been abusive. And during the trip, he didn’t hold back when he admitted to wanting to kill Sheree and even choking her.

It was emotional for Sheree Whitfield, who broke down in the car right in front of him. She also yelled at him later in tears, telling him that she just wanted some acknowledgement and an apology for his behavior. He eventually revealed that he felt horrible about everything, but in a confessional interview, Whitfield revealed that she had closed the door completely on the relationship. They would never get back together, as he hadn’t changed enough for her to feel safe in a relationship. Now, she’s turning to religion to move on.

“”Expect that God is going to heal ur pains, restore what u have lost, provide ALL the financial resources u need & BLESS ur future!” #RHOA,” Sheree Whitfield revealed on Twitter, sharing that she’s counting on religion to move on and heal all of her wounds.

One can imagine that this will be a topic of discussion during the reunion special, as he was making fun of the idea of unbuckling Sheree Whitfield’s seat belt when she was sleeping in the car. He thought it would be an easy solution to get rid of her, and this was absolutely shocking to her as this was the first she had ever heard about this.

“I was just shocked. Speechless. So many times as women, we just try to bury negative thoughts and traumatic situations, so when we were in the car and he said those things, it just brought so much from our past up that I have tried to suppress for well over a decade,” Sheree Whitfield explains in her blog for Bravo after Bob started talking about the abuse he had put her through.

“In recent years we have been able to rebuild a friendship and through that we have rebuilt our family unit as co-parents. In order for our kids to continue to be happy and healthy, that is the space that I think our relationship should stay in. I am thankful that for my children’s sake we were able to get to that point,” Whitfield continues in her blog without revealing that the door is forever closed.

Since Bob is out of the running to become her life partner, it is possible that Sheree Whitfield is already dating someone new. No word on what role Bob will play in her life if she starts dating a new man, who could move into her Chateau Sheree one day.

What do you think of Bob Whitfield’s comments about Sheree Whitfield? Are you surprised that he really did mentally abuse her during their marriage and had such dark thoughts about everything?

[Featured Image by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Warner Bros.]