Thomas Ravenel Slammed: ‘Southern Charm’ Star Says He’s Blessed After Bad Press

Thomas Ravenel isn’t one to apologize for his behavior. He has been filming Southern Charm for a few seasons now and he hasn’t denied making mistakes. During the first season, Thomas tried to find the perfect woman to settle down with and he ended up getting the young Kathryn Dennis pregnant. During the following seasons, Thomas tried to make his relationship work but she was simply too dramatic. And yet, somehow the couple ended up having another child together. Last season, they tried to make it work and they have both filmed the newest season of Southern Charm, which airs on Bravo this summer.

According to a new tweet, Thomas Ravenel is now revealing that many people and media outlets are trying to make him look bad. This week, several articles surfaced, including on about his previous DUI and drug issues, which plagued him back in 2007. He admitted on Southern Charm that he had been arrested for possession cocaine with the intent to distribute back in 2007 and it affected his political career. And now, people are feeling bad for him because he has to relive this drama again.

“Dang Thomas every time….people seem to beat on you like a damn drum. Gotta be exhausting. Don’t let the bastards get you,” one person wrote to Thomas Ravenel in support, to which he replied, “I’ve been blessed and I can take it and there are so many others who’ve had it so much worse so I’m not complaining.”

Of course, Ravenel feels that he’s blessed because he has two children and he has a reason to get out of bed in the morning. In addition, Thomas explained on Twitter that he has made his own money and he’s proud of where he is today. In other words, reliving something he can openly talk about doesn’t seem to affect him that much. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have haters. Being on Southern Charm has created some haters, who feel it is easy to mock him on social media.

“Good one… I think. It’s typical for a trust fund baby the use 3rd grade insults. So I’ll let you have it. Btw it’s your*,” another person wrote to Thomas Ravenel in a way of criticizing him, to which Ravenel replied, “I had to dumb it down for you.”

“I did read it and I’m happy to say I am so looking forward to the new season. F*ck those stuffy old bastards,” another person wrote in support of Thomas.

Of course, Thomas Ravenel is easy to mock on Twitter because he can easily lash out and then have regrets later. It wouldn’t be the first time that Thomas has used Twitter to share his feelings in the heat of the moment, and then gone back to delete his tweets. He did this when he lashed out at Kathryn when she accused him of being a bad father and of cheating on her.

But Thomas isn’t just talking about his past on social media. He also recently discussed politics in Charleston, something he doesn’t talk about a lot on social media. It sounds like he still wants to get involved in local politics, even after his cocaine scandal.

“Irony is if they really wanted to talk to Charleston Society they wouldn’t have been taking to those losers but to me. Ppl who are judgmental, self-righteous do not define an elite class. They define a people full of hate and racism,” Thomas Ravenel later wrote on Twitter.

What do you think of Thomas Ravenel being mocked on Twitter? Do you think he will gain more fans after the upcoming season of Southern Charm, which airs this summer on Bravo?

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