Lala Kent On Love: Is She Not Fond Of James Kennedy’s Woman?

Lala Kent has been the focus of Vanderpump Rules this season, because the girls started a rumor that she was dating a married man. Lala was surprised to hear this rumor as she claimed that she wasn’t dating a married man, but was dating someone important whose identity she could not disclose. There have been rumors since then that she’s dating a producer, but she doesn’t want to share his name with her Vanderpump Rules co-stars. And while none of her co-stars can comment on her relationship, Kent can comment on all of her co-stars’ relationships.

According to a new report from the Bravo website, Lala Kent is now speaking out about her co-stars, including one of her best friends, James Kennedy. While filming Vanderpump Rules, James and Lala were close friends but once he started dating a new girl, he started spending more time with her. And during a recent visit to The Daily Dish, Kent revealed that she doesn’t necessarily support Kennedy’s new relationship all that much.

“The strongest relationship would definitely go to Tom and Ariana,” Lala Kent revealed during her interview, according to the Bravo website, adding, “Because they’re best friends before anything. And that’s the most important. If you’re not with your best friend that’s gonna go downhill real quick.”

Of course, Lala Kent was also asked about Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney, as the season focused on the months leading up to their wedding. During Monday’s episode, fans saw how Tom and Katie got married. As it turns out, Lala Kent believes that they are actually doing much better after the wedding. Maybe their relationship was under tremendous stress while they were filming and planning the wedding.

“I can’t tell because they throughout the season they were very volatile and they weren’t even married yet, but in the recent times that I’ve seen them they seemed super happy. So I don’t know,” Kent revealed during her interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

Of course, James Kennedy and Lala Kent once hooked up, but they never actually dated. While they are friends, she never really wanted to date him. In fact, Kent wasn’t keen about hooking up with him at all. And maybe she knows that he’s a cheater, as he may have cheated on his current girlfriend. But even though he may not be able to stay faithful to his girlfriend, Kent is still a good friend to him.

“We’ll always be very close. That was my little ride or die from the beginning and I feel like he’s always stuck by me,” Lala Kent explained about her friendship with James, but adds, “But he’s in a relationship now and that’s taking up a lot of his time. So we kind of just see each other when we’re doing music or when there’s a big group event but he’ll always be one of my best friends.”

“I think whatever he wants to do is what he should do,” Lala reveals about James’ relationship, hinting that she has no nice words to say about his new girlfriend, including how they are a great fit for one another, as James has never been happier.

No word on what James feels about Lala’s relationship, but he has supposedly met her boyfriend. Maybe he will say more about this during the Vanderpump Rules reunion special, which will air next week on Bravo.

What do you think of Lala Kent’s comments about James’ new relationship? Are you surprised that she’s not supportive of James’ new relationship? Do you think she’s jealous of the attention that his new girlfriend is getting?

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