Jason Hoppy Can’t Let Go Of Bethenny Frankel: How Far Will He Go?

Jason Hoppy didn’t want to be on a reality television show when he first met Bethenny Frankel. He was working hard in New York and he appeared to be a complete contrast to Frankel, who was loud, obnoxious, and wanted to be the center of attention. While some people wanted to date someone like Bethenny because of her fame and her wits, Jason always seemed like a completely different person. The two got married on national television, and they divorced a few years later. Bethenny admitted that you simply don’t know anyone until you are in a divorce with them.

According to a new Reality Tea report, Jason Hoppy may have kept a low profile for a few years after their divorce, as he didn’t want to speak out about their split. But these days, Jason Hoppy is facing a harsh reality. Back in January, he was arrested for harassing and stalking Frankel after he showed up at their daughter’s school and started talking to her in a very aggressive manner. He supposedly threatened her.

In addition, Jason has supposedly sent her over 160 emails over a short period of time, emails where he CC’ed her new boyfriend. In other words, two people have been witnesses to the drama he has put everyone through. But the drama doesn’t stop there. The judge offered Jason Hoppy a plea deal, but he’s refusing it. He would be asked to take anger management classes, but he doesn’t want to. Now, he’s facing another court date in April.

The judge has asked Jason Hoppy to stay away from his ex-wife until April, unless a family court judge rules otherwise. Since the two share custody of their little girl, it is possible that a family judge would rule otherwise. Back in January when he approached Bethenny Frankel outside of their daughter’s school, he told her that he would destroy her and that her money couldn’t buy the best legal team to defend her. Jason Hoppy told Bethenny that she had been warned.

So, how far is Hoppy willing to go to destroy his ex-wife? It’s uncertain whether he has something on her that would seriously destroy her life. Since he was with her at the time that she was building Skinnygirl Cocktails, it is possible that he knows something about the business that she doesn’t want to be made public. Frankel has already faced one lawsuit about not using natural products in her alcohol, even though it says on the bottle.

As for Frankel, she may not be giving Jason Hoppy a second thought. She’s been busy filming The Real Housewives of New York and she hasn’t really mentioned him too much by name, as she may not want a legal case against her. In fact, she has been taking the high road. In addition, Bethenny continues to honor Jason Hoppy’s wishes about their daughter not being an active participant on The Real Housewives of New York.

Since Jason has settled his divorce with Bethenny, he seems more obsessed with her than during their divorce. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have any links to her anymore, as the divorce has been finalized. The only thing connecting them now is their daughter and it would be horrible if Bryn was in the middle of the drama. How far will he go? Well, he would rather go to court than take a plea deal.

What do you think of Jason Hoppy these days? Do you think he has crossed the line? Do you think he needs to take the plea deal and move on from Bethenny Frankel once and for all?

[Featured Image by Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images for SELF Magazine]