WWE Rumors: WWE Makes Offer To Hardy Boyz — When Could They Return?

Rumors have been flying around for weeks and even months, but no one ever really knew if the Hardy Boyz would make their return to WWE. After things fell apart with TNA Impact Wrestling, there was no immediate reconciliation with the place where it all started, but everyone figured Jeff and Matt could be back in time. Well, it looks like things may happen much sooner than later as rumor has it that WWE has made the brothers an offer.

“Broken” Matt and Jeff Hardy are still in a huge legal battle with TNA Impact Wrestling over their gimmick and where they can use it, but they’re doing it anyway. Currently, the Hardy Boyz are wrestling in Ring of Honor and even recently won their tag team titles.

Many are not entirely sure how long the brothers are under contract with ROH, but it is said to be a rather short deal. It may end up being shorter than anyone realized as they could make their WWE return before anyone realizes it.

wwe rumors tna ring of honor hardy boyz jeff matt offer return
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According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE is rumored to have officially offered new contracts to the Hardy Boyz. As of Tuesday night, it was not known if they had signed the deals yet, but “all signs point to an inevitable return” of Matt and Jeff to WWE.

Last month, the Hardy Boyz officially parted ways with TNA even though they were still the World Tag Team Champions. That relationship was completely shattered and it is hard to believe that anything will ever happen between them again.

As soon as they became free agents, negotiations started with WWE but no contracts were actually offered. While it needs to be taken as rumor until confirmed by either side, Pro Wrestling Sheet states they can confirm that new deals are on the table for the brothers.

The Hardy Boyz are scheduled to appear at Ring of Honor’s SuperCard of Honor during WrestleMania 33 weekend and their titles will be on the line. If the brothers end up dropping the titles, that could be a sure sign that there has been advances with WWE and their negotiations for Matt and Jeff’s return.

Cageside Seats reports that Ring of Honor likely just started up a really hot feud and will have the payoff at SuperCard of Honor when the Hardy Boyz face the Young Bucks. Even if it all comes to an end in a couple of weeks, ROH has certainly benefited from it.

wwe rumors tna ring of honor hardy boyz jeff matt offer return
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If Matt and Jeff do sign with WWE and make their eventual return, it is not known if they will use their “Broken” gimmick or do something different. Matt Hardy has been in a huge legal battle with TNA Impact Wrestling regarding the gimmick with the promotion saying they should be paid for each time the brothers use it.

Matt, Jeff, and Matt’s wife Reby Hardy do not agree. PW Mania recently reported an update on the legal situation between the brothers and TNA in which she revealed a lot of interesting tidbits about what is legal and who has rights to what.

“Fun facts! I filed for the #BROKEN trademark when all the shady business from JJ & Anthem got back to me, WEEKS before his contract was up. If owning my husband was that important, why not file/apply – oh, I don’t know – BEFORE his contract was up? BEFORE you found out I did? How about every other former talent still working under their ‘TNA name’ & gimmick without issue. Wouldn’t that look weird in court?”

If contracts really have been offered and the Hardy Boyz finish out their remaining dates already booked, they could be back in WWE within a month.

The Hardy Boyz are currently working with Ring of Honor and have a number of late dates with independent promotions in April, but those have been on the books for months. They made sure not to book anything into May as they weren’t sure what they would be doing or where they’d be going, but now, they may know their future. WWE had made a new contract offer to Matt and Jeff Hardy, but it still remains to be seen if and when their return will take place.

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