Kevin Clash Resigns But Elmo Sales Remain Strong Following Controversy

Elmo Sales

For 27 years, puppeteer master Kevin Clash entertained children around the world as the sole voice of Elmo. Now that Kevin Clash has resigned under allegations that he slept with a 16-year-old boy, we had to wonder if Elmo sales would continue to be stellar or fall flat.

As it turns out, Kevin Clash resigning from Sesame Street hasn’t appeared to hurt Elmo toy and video sales in the least.

In a quick informational study TMZ reached out to 20 retailers across the country to find out of Elmo was pulled from the shelves or if sales slowed following the Kevin Clash resignation and claims of sexual misconducted by a second man.

Not only were stores not pulling the Elmo toys and videos from their shelves, they in many cases didn’t have any in stock because of super high demand ahead of Christmas.

In fact, employess in Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and New York were largely unaware of the Kevin Clash controversy.

At a Toys”R”Us in New York City, an employee says the dolls continue to sell and no returns have been received.

Even store managers that have been made aware of the scandal have said they will not pull the dolls and are in fact on huge waiting lists to receive stock ahead of December 25.

While Kevin Clash has been the voice of Elmo for years, most people associate the Muppet with no single person. Kevin Clash may have quit Sesame Street, but fans have not quit Elmo ahead of the holiday shopping season.