Katie Maloney’s Thoughts On Scheana Marie And Lala Kent Friendship

Early on in the current season of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney made her dislike of Lala Kent very clear when she, during a chat with Lala outside of SUR, called her a “wh**e” and pretty much accused her of being a gold-digger. As the season progressed, Katie further claimed that Lala was in a relationship with a married man. Katie’s treatment of Lala wasn’t exactly undeserved since Lala had publicly insulted her and her relationship with Tom Schwartz. So what does Katie think of Scheana Marie, one of her good friends, now being friends with Lala?

During Katie’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, alongside her now-husband Tom, a viewer called in and asked Katie just that question. Surprisingly, Katie didn’t criticize Scheana for being friends with Lala. Yet Katie didn’t let Scheana entirely off the hook either.


Katie said that Scheana, who was one of her bridesmaids in her wedding to Tom, has the right to be friends with whoever she wants to be friends with but also pointed out that Scheana should be consistent when it comes to who’s her friend and who’s not.

“Um, I mean truthfully I, it wasn’t that I had an issue with her being friends with Lala or not, it’s just I wanted some consistency from her. She went back and forth with like, ‘I don’t like Lala. I don’t want to be her friend,’ but then like she did so I’m like, ‘Can you just pick one and stick to it?’ So I think, you know, if that’s what she wants, then I support it, it’s fine. It doesn’t really have an effect on me as long as it doesn’t affect, you know, our friendship ultimately. But, you know, it’s her choice. Be friends with whoever you want but be consistent about it. Don’t keep flip flopping back and forth. The fair-weatherness is hard to keep up with it.”

Andy then hinted that something regarding Scheana’s friendship with Lala, and the ramifications of that, will come up at the season 5 reunion show.

“Keep watching because the reunion is, uh, it’s really good.”

Earlier on in season 5, Scheana told Lala, after Lala tried to talk to her, that she couldn’t be friends with her because she didn’t want to upset Katie. Yet Scheana has since changed her mind. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Scheana and Lala have gotten quite close over the past few weeks. They have both posted photos of one another on their Instagram accounts and sent one another supportive tweets. After the cast filmed the season 5 reunion show at the end of February, Scheana posted photos of Lala sitting between her and Ariana Madix on the reunion set.


During the after-show, Katie was also asked whether she regrets how she treated Scheana over the season. The viewer pointed out that Scheana was there for Katie when she was on the outs with Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute. Katie, who got into several heated arguments with Scheana over the season over Scheana’s loyalties, admitted that her behavior wasn’t that great. Yet Katie also pointed out that she was stressed out with wedding planning and that she didn’t realize that Scheana was going through marital problems with Mike Shay.

“I feel bad in general about a lot of my behavior. Not to make excuses. I completely am accountable and take responsibility for the way I acted. I think I mismanaged a lot of my emotions. Planning a wedding is really stressful. I think it was a little complicated with Scheana. I kind of sensed at times that she was distancing herself, but granted, she had a lot going on that I didn’t know about. So there was a lot of crossed wires and, I think, miscommunication.”

Now that Scheana Marie and Lala Kent are friends, maybe a Katie Maloney and Lala friendship is possible soon? In an interview with TooFab, posted on Monday, Lala actually had kinds words to say about Katie after watching her wedding to Tom Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules.

“Relationships are work. Before I saw [Katie and Tom] at the reunion and multiple times after that, I would say this relationship will never work. But they look so happy and they were so cute and sweet to each other, so I just look at it as… weddings, I assume, make people act crazy. That’s a lot of work, especially when it’s being filmed. Oh, my gosh, I would be the craziest b**ch in the world.”

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