‘Overwatch’ Hero Orisa Goes Live: Top 10 Gameplay Tips

Overwatch’s newest hero, the female tank Orisa, is now live for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC users. While the new playable character has been around in the blockbuster game’s Public Test Region (PTR) since last week, her official launch today means that Orisa will finally be accessible in the game’s primary servers and consoles.

As a playable character, Orisa is equipped with a number of useful abilities. Her Ultimate, called Supercharger, temporarily buffs her teammates’ damage points, according to a report from the Verge. Apart from this, she could also create a strong protective barrier reminiscent of Reinhardt’s ability, as well as a technique called Fortify that temporarily increases her damage resistance and immunity to movement-impairing blows.


Apart from these, Orisa is equipped with an ability called Halt!, which fires an energy ball that pulls enemies in before detonating. Needless to say, Orisa has numerous tricks up her sleeve, and it would take some time to master them all. With these in mind, here are 10 important gameplay tips that players need to remember when utilizing Overwatch’s newest character.

  • Halt! has a pretty big radius, similar to Ana’s grenade. The ability is very useful against snipers and hitscan heroes, as it prevents players from being able to aim accurately.
  • Halt! is capable of passing through barriers. Thus, players using Orisa should make it a point to have the energy ball go through a barrier first before lifting the players huddling behind the shield from the ground.
  • Take note, however, that Halt! requires line of sight to actually work. Thus, when battling against a sniper, it would be pertinent for Orisa players to ensure that the energy ball rises above the platform that opponents would be standing on, according to a Mic report.
  • Orisa’s protective barrier is pretty sturdy. It could not be deflected by Genji or destroyed by D.Va’s Defense Matrix.
  • Orisa’s Fortify gives players a massive 50 percent damage reduction, making it extremely efficient against players who are fond of using Pulse Bombs, Tactical Visors, or Deadeyes. It does not, however, cancel stuns, charges, or sleeps that are currently in progress.
  • Fortify makes Orisa immune to various moves, such as Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter. Unlike Zarya’s Bubbles, however, it does not protect players from attacks that are coming from behind.
  • Orisa’s primary fire has a pretty big magazine, taking up to 16 seconds before fully discharging. Since the character was introduced to the game’s PTR, players have remarked that full matches could be held without Orisa needing to reload.
  • Orisa players must take special care when fighting against Sombra, as her Hack ability could disable Orisa’s Supercharger. Shields and Fortify do not get canceled even when hacked, however.
  • The cooldown period for Orisa’s protective barrier starts when the Shield is placed, not when it ends. Thus, players using the game’s new tank could begin matches with their Shield already up, simply replacing it when it dies. This would give Orisa players around 1800 points of shield during the beginning of matches.
  • Orisa’s Shield could be shot up into the air, which causes it to fall to the ground around five seconds after firing. This is a great strategy for earning some free time off the ability’s cooldown period at the beginning of matches. While this technique would make Orisa somewhat more vulnerable to flanking attacks, this strategy is great during choke situations.

While Orisa has been officially launched in the game, players should keep in mind that the new character is still inaccessible in Overwatch’s ranked Competitive mode until sometime next week. She is, however, available for play in the game’s Quick Play, Arcade, and Play vs. A.I. modes. Overwatch players who would wish to access Orisa should download the game’s patch 1.9 as soon as possible.

[Featured Image by Blizzard]