Madonna Continues To Reveal More Of Her Body On Tour


At the age of 54 you would expect to see Madonna covering herself up in cardigans and jumpers rather than revealing her latest piece of skimpy lingerie to her adoring fans.

In Miami, on Monday evening she stripped down even further, leaving little to the imagination. Wearing a thong, flesh coloured underwear, fishnet tights and a satin basque, the singer then writhed around on stage with her extremely young backing singers and dancers.

She has even taken to baring all as a part of her advertisement campaigns. Madonna is topless in the poster for her new fragrance, Truth or Dare Naked, which is named after Madonna’s infamous documentary that followed her on the road of her 1991 Blonde Ambition tour. It seems to have been generously airbrushed as Madge looks extremely young.

Madonna has endessly paraded her figure and assets to the world. In 1979 she worked as a nude model as she struggled to make ends meet, even being photographed by Lee Friedlander. Then, almost a decade later, Playboy paid her close to half a million dollars in order to publish Friendlander’s images in their September 1985 edition.

Then in 1990, Stephen Meisel sold a nude portrait of the singer as she smoked a singer in her bed for $25,000. But most famously, Madonna released a 1992 coffee table book, Sex, that looked to embrace various taboo sexual topics, such as domination and bisexuality.

It seems that, despite her age, Madonna isn’t going to stop her promiscuous activity anytime soon. Do you think that Madge should cover herself up? Or do you find it liberating that a woman of her age still has the confidence and physique to do so?