Dreamcatcher Releases ‘Light’ And ‘Dark’ Concepts For K-Pop Comeback

Back in January, numerous K-pop acts made their first comeback for 2017. However, there was one who not only made a comeback, but an impactful re-debut with a new concept and direction and they are Dreamcatcher. Formerly consisting of Minx and adding in two new members, the seven-member girl group — JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon — shocked and awed K-pop fans with their re-debut single album Nightmare featuring title track song “Chase Me.”

Dreamcatcher’s re-debut was phenomenal and sparked debate among K-pop and J-pop fans, especially those who like rock, if “Chase Me” put the girl group on par to being a Korean version of Babymetal. Many agree it did not, but “Chase Me” does fit the criteria for a song on an anime original soundtrack. Afterward, Dreamcatcher kept the hype fresh with phenomenal covers of “Lucky Strike” by Maroon 5 and “Into The New World” by Girls’ Generation.

But now it seems that K-pop fans won’t have to wait long for Dreamcatcher to make their first comeback as the girl group are now releasing pre-release teasers for it. Just recently, they released both “light” and “dark” teaser images.


Before we show the “light” and “dark” teasers, we must show the mysterious image uploaded by Dreamcatcher on their official Twitter that brought about talk of their upcoming K-pop comeback. On March 16 just after noontime, an image of a tree with half of it in color and the other half in black and white was posted up. The colored side says 0405 while the black and white side says 1800. We are unsure what the numbers mean, but many believe it translates to April 5 at 6 p.m. KST, a possible date and time for when Dreamcatcher’s comeback releases.

Apparently, that must be the case as Dreamcatcher, along with their label and agency Happy Face Entertainment, are busy releasing numerous pre-release teasers starting with “light” and “dark” individual concepts. The “light” concepts were first to release on March 20 at midnight KST, as reported by Korean news outlet Naver. They consist of one group image and seven individual images. Clean linen, light flowers, and the color white seem to be the themes.


Today, Dreamcatcher and Happy Face Entertainment followed up with “dark” teasers to contrast the “light” teasers. They released a group image and seven individual images, as reported by AllKpop. These teasers are very similar to their concept used for the music video fro their debut title track song “Chase Me.” Anyways, darker, spookier themes were used highlighted by gold and candlelight.

Besides the possible release date and time with the “light” and “dark” concept images, we know very little about Dreamcatcher’s upcoming K-pop comeback. If the numbers in the mysterious first teaser image prove to be a date and time, we are still over two weeks before it debuts. Ergo, we expect more image teasers, an album cover reveal, a track list, music snippets, and even music video teasers. Actually, we still need a title of both the comeback album and title track song.

Ultimately, all we can do is wait to see what Dreamcatcher has in store. Until then, we can possibly discern that their comeback will possibly feature two title track songs instead of one if they’re going a “light” and “dark” direction at the same time. The “light” direction might be more on par of when Dreamcatcher was Minx. As for the “dark” direction, it will most like continue using the concept introduced in “Chase Me.”

[Featured Image by Happy Face Entertainment/Dreamcatcher’s Official Daum Cafe]