‘Dance Moms’ Season 7: Chloe Reunites With Elites For Nationals Vs. Abby’s Minis

It looks like Lifetime is shaking things up in the Dance Moms Season 7 finale as the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) will be divided into two camps and will go head to head at the Fierce National Dance Competition on March 26.

Dance Moms cast member and mini team dancer Lilliana Ketchman recently posted a photo on Instagram of her “new crew,” which featured herself, her fellow mini Elliana Walmsley, Maesi Caes and Brynn Rumfallo.

Lilliana’s hashtags suggested that the creation of the foursome meant “starting over” and that they make up one team, which she described as “new and improved” and “better than ever.”


That leaves the rest of the Dance Moms cast members, a majority of whom happen to be original dancers who have been on the show since its inception, representing the opposing team.

Based on a photo shared by dance mom Kira Girard on Twitter, Dance Moms vets Nia Sioux, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes along with newcomer Camryn Bridges will comprise the other team.

More importantly, they appear to be joining forces with returning Dance Moms cast member Chloe Lukasiak. The girls posed for a photo while they were rehearsing at the 8 Count Dance Academy.


Girard did not provide information about the photo, which stoked speculations that the Dance Moms Season 7 finale will have the younger ALDC members compete with the older ones.

For those who have not been up to date with the Dance Moms Season 7 filming, Chloe is set to appear in more episodes when the show returns later this year and has actually been competing as part of the Murrieta Dance Project (MDP).

In fact, she helped the team win the group category at the recently concluded Sheer Talent competition. The ALDC members did not compete in the category though after Abby Lee Miller’s unexpected return, which resulted in a heated feud between her and some of the mothers who even threatened to leave Dance Moms.

Lukasiak’s involvement with MDP has some fans under the impression that Nia and the girls are leaving ADLC to be part of the Erin Babbs-owned group. However, since they are at 8 Count, it is believed they will represent that studio for Nationals.

A promotional still for Dance Moms Season 7 [Image by Lifetime]

The reason for this belief is the abovementioned dispute. When Miller returned at the Sheer Talent a few days ago, it led to the departure of choreographers Laurie-Ann Gibson and Meagan Nugent, who filled in for the Dance Moms star in the three weeks she was absent.

The moms were not happy about Abby coming back out of the blue and that Gibson and Nugent had to suddenly end their Dance Moms stint because of it. Now, the rumor is that the elites have switched teams in protest of what happened.


Brynn and the minis will reportedly be the only ones who will work with Abby Miller in preparing for the Nationals. Lilliana even shared a clip of herself, Maesi, Elliana, and Brynn rehearsing at the ALDC studio.


This means that the Dance Moms Season 7 finale could see the supposed teammates go toe to toe at the Fierce Dance Competition. It will be interesting to watch unfold how the dancers fare as two opposing groups.

This is an unprecedented approach to end a season of the reality series. The reason behind this split is unclear at the moment, but there are speculations that the tension between the moms and Abby led to the divide.

While some say the feud was a publicity stunt, it appears that it still had repercussions as to how the Nationals competition is being handled by ALDC in the Dance Moms Season 7 finale.

Despite the girls becoming rivals instead of teammates, many fans are actually excited about this since this will be the first time the original dancers will get to dance with Chloe again since she left Dance Moms in the fourth season.

Dance Moms Season 7 is expected to return later this year on Lifetime.

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