‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion: Kailyn’s Custody Bombshell, Plus Chelsea Left All Alone

The gloves are officially off for the Teen Mom 2 reunion. Kailyn Lowry was hit with a huge custody bombshell in part one of the MTV special while Chelsea Houska found herself all alone when the cameras started rolling.

Us Magazine reports that the reunion opened with Lowry and Leah Messer talking to Dr. Drew Pinsky about their drama this season. For Lowry, she was happy to move on from her emotional divorce with Javi Marroquin. The two argued a lot this season, though Lowry admitted that their issues stemmed from Marroquin wanting to reconcile once her returned home from deployment.

Lowry and Marroquin announced their divorce last year and share one child together, Lincoln. Marroquin came out and discussed the custody arrangement and was later joined by Lowry’s first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, and his fiancée, Vee Torres. Things got emotional after Torres revealed that she and Rivera want 50/50 custody of Isaac.


According to The Hollywood Gossip, Torres explained that their move to Delaware should grant them an opportunity to spend more time with Isaac. Lowry started to cry after the revelation hit home and admitted that she was threatened by the request. She also stated that she was “very pissed off” by the idea of sharing Isaac with his real father, especially given her current drama with Marroquin.

While it was difficult watching Lowry confront two of her former lovers, Chelsea Houska had problems getting anyone to come on stage with her. Houska’s current husband, Cole DeBoer refused to come out and her daughter’s baby daddy, Adam Lind, never showed up for production. Of course, Lind has been a huge disappointment all season long, so his absence on the Teen Mom 2 reunion wasn’t all that surprising.

To make the situation worse, Dr. Drew questioned Houska about her exes and why they didn’t feel the need to support her. Houska admitted that she didn’t know how her daughter, Aubree, felt about Lind’s absence but said she was likely disappointed. Fortunately, DeBoer was on hand backstage to help comfort the little one.

MTV reports that Dr. Drew then revealed a text Lind had sent to producer Larry Musnik a day before production started. Lind accused the show of leaking stories about his personal life to tabloids and said he wouldn’t be a part of the reunion.

“Are you f**king stupid or something, Larry?” Dr. Drew read. “F**k the show, f**k MTV, f**k Dr. Drew. I don’t want any goddamn part of the show. Keep the f**king money.”

Houska didn’t have much to say about the expletive text. She did, however, admit that Lind needs to decide what his future looks like and spend more time with their daughter.

Chelsea Houska (DeBoer) weathered the 'Teen Mom 2' reunion alone. [Image by MTV]

“He doesn’t understand that he might be the problem. It’s not even in his head,” Houska said after Dr. Drew read the text. “I wish he would just decide if he’s going to be there or not going to be there, and stop messing with my child’s head.”

Houska did have an opportunity to dish on her and DeBoer’s wedding, which she didn’t allow MTV to film. Unfortunately, Houska only shared a few minor details about the ceremony, and the segment returned to a discussion on Lind.

Dr. Drew wrapped the interview by displaying clips of Lind criticizing the show over the years. He ended the talk by asking why Lind wouldn’t want to come on the show and “air his grievances” one last time. Given the nature of the text, it’s probably a good thing that Lind sat this one out.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion continues Monday, March 27, on MTV. Check out a sneak peek below.

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