Bill O’Reilly Says Trump’s Wiretapping Claims Have Harmed The President Himself

It seems pretty obvious by now that President Trump does not have a lot of information to prove his wiretapping claims regarding Barack Obama but could the claims hurt him as President? The conservative host of The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly, spoke about Trump’s claims about the Obama wiretap and mentioned that this could be a problem. The long-running FOX News host did not hold back in regards to Trump, even though he has been a supporter of him.

Trump is obviously going to be cheered on by conservatives at FOX News, which is known for their right of center point of view over the years. This is why O’Reilly coming out against Trump or even talking about issues with Trump is a significant thing. FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers testified at a public hearing on Monday. It was here that they offered answers to the House Intelligence Committee regarding their questions on Russia’s alleged involvement in the 2016 Presidential election and the possible ties to Trump, as well as the wiretapping notion Trump pushed.

O’Reilly opened with his thoughts on the hearing, saying, “it was clear from the beginnings there was a political agenda, as there always is.” In some ways, it has to be. It does not matter if Trump or any other sitting President had these alleged Russian ties, all would have to answer to them and people from the intelligence community would be the people to talk to on the subject.

James Comey
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During the hearing, Comey did confirm that an FBI criminal investigation was launched that would look into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Comey would then go on to dispute Trump’s claimed regarding Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. O’Reilly would point out that Press Secretary Sean Spicer did try to oppose Comey’s statement, saying that “there will be more tap information forthcoming, especially about the General Flynn situation.”

Comey would go on to say that no sitting President could have done what Trump claims Obama did, as they would have to go through too many channels. Every intelligence agency would know about it, especially the FBI. Obama would have to go through a judge who would then pass it to go down, and then all intelligence agencies would go from there. The President would then not launch the investigation, but rather the agencies.

Even if former President Obama did control every agency as the sitting President and could force these agencies to do his bidding and somehow wiretap Trump Tower due to that power, President Trump now has the same power. Why would every person in the intelligence community, which includes Democrats and Republicans, cover this up? Especially if their agency was the one responsible for the wiretap? This is where the end of the line hits.

Trump and Obama
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Bill O’Reilly wanted to make sure to bring up the entire thing on The O’Reilly Factor and even noted that the latest Russian allegations might be what has caused Trump to make the wiretapping claims.

“That controversy is what drove President Trump to accuse President Obama. Mr. Trump is so infuriated that the media has obsessed on the alleged Russia connection, that he lashed out.”

In some ways, the media has been hard on President Trump since he ran for office. However, the difficulties for Trump truly began with his controversial statements and inability to compete with other Republicans during the debate stages. From there, the media still covered a lot of his events and caught his rallies as often as possible. It was stated that at least 6 billion dollars of free television time was given to Trump due to his controversial run.

That said, the media has been tough on Trump to begin with, so it would not make sense to think they’re the ones that drove him to make the wiretapping claims. Most feel it was the extra added Russian allegations that were made. Jeff Sessions was accused of an affiliation, and then recused himself from the investigation, the next day was when the Trump tweets came out regarding Obama wiretapping him. O’Reilly did gloss over this in his statements.

Trump at healthcare meeting
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However, he did open the floor up to the entire situation by saying that Trump should accept the findings of the FBI, saying the President should “embrace only facts in his pronouncements.” He then went on to say, “The accusation that President Obama was actively involved in harming the Trump campaign has now harmed the president himself.”

O’Reilly may be on to something as well. Since these claims, many have come out to ask about the mental health of the President. Some from the Republican party have been against the claims he made from the beginning while others said that if true, Trump would need to be outraged as should the American people. However, they also claimed if false, then the random unproven accusations should also worry us.

Naturally, FOX News has been behind Trump for some time, but O’Reilly being up front about this is certainly unbiased and very accurate. FOX News ended up having to suspend legal analyst Andrew Napolitano indefinitely, according to the Los Angeles Times. The reason was over his claims that former President Obama went “outside the chain of command” in that he used a British intelligence unit to wiretap Trump. He offered no evidence to his claim.

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