‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna And Valentin Spar, Finn’s Issues Cause Chaos

What’s coming up next on General Hospital? Spoilers tease that Tuesday’s show brings plenty of action related to Finn and his drug addiction as Hayden, Tracy, and Elizabeth all voice concerns over his Zen Zen addiction. GH teasers reveal that Nelle may be pursuing a new position that will keep her in Port Charles and Anna is ready to draw a line. There’s a brotherly talk between Michael and Dante on the way, and Carly remains worked up about all of the drama that she’s been facing. What else is set to go down during the March 21 show?

As viewers saw on Monday, Finn made a call about a spot in rehab. He turned it down after he found another vial of his Fen Fen, but then the vial broke. Tracy showed up and saw him in the midst of this struggle and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Tracy will tear into him over this situation and SheKnows Soaps notes that Hayden will be facing questions from Elizabeth that she really does not want to answer. GH teasers indicate that Hayden will also be getting the third degree from Obrecht, and it seems that she’ll be doing a lot of scrambling.

Is Finn about to hit rock bottom and get help or will this downward spiral continue? Spoilers from Soap Central detail that he will continue to scramble to keep the truth from spreading while Hayden reaches out to someone for some support. GH teasers indicate that it may be Curtis she connects with, perhaps hoping that he will be able to lend some insight into how to help Finn.

Nelle's decision to stay in Port Charles will surely rile up Carly [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Valentin and Nina are thrilled to have been awarded custody of Charlotte, but their nanny bailed on them, and Nelle expressed an interest in the gig. General Hospital spoilers note that during Tuesday’s show she will be considering a proposition, and GH teasers share that she’ll have to dodge some questions from Nina about why she’s no longer working for Carly. GH teasers share that Nelle will end up with the gig, and her insistence on staying in Port Charles will surely cause Carly to be furious.

Viewers will see Carly connect with Bobbie, and GH teasers note that they’ll be discussing the Nelle mess, and Carly will make it clear that she has very strong opinions about who is responsible for this mess. As things progress this week, Nelle will bargain with someone and begin to take action, and there have been hints that Laura and Lulu will see this new nanny gig of hers as an opportunity to shake things up with Valentin and Nina’s custody of Charlotte. Spoilers have teased that Laura may become so obsessed with this situation that she crosses lines and causes issues in her relationship with Kevin.

The confrontational dance between Anna and Valentin over their mysterious past continues, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna will be throwing out an ultimatum at Valentin. Anna desperately wants to fill in the missing pieces regarding her past connection to Valentin, but it seems that he’ll continue to play hard to get and refuse to tell her what she wants. Valentin won’t hesitate to issue some ultimatums of his own with Anna and GH teasers reveal that she’ll soon be turning to someone unlikely for some assistance.

Dante and Michael will be having a heart-to-heart chat during Tuesday’s show, and while Michael is stinging from the chaos brought on by Nelle’s antics against Carly and Sonny, GH teasers reveal that he will tell Dante that a lot of people got hurt and he brushes off his pain in comparison to everyone else’s. Michael’s interest in Nelle didn’t completely disappear after she was exposed, but he obviously can’t really consider moving forward in a relationship with her after all that happened with Sonny and Carly.

Maurice Benard and Laura Wright play Sonny and Carly on 'General Hospital'
Is this really the end for Sonny and Carly on 'GH'? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers note that Liv will manage to cause some chaos for Griffin and soon she’ll be heading to court. Will Liv be put behind bars? GH teasers note that Tonja Walker will be wrapping up her time in the role very soon, sometime this month, but there are hints emerging that she may manage to break out of custody and go on the run, leaving the door open for a possible return down the road.

Before Liv goes anywhere, however, GH teasers indicate that she’ll have to face Sonny and regardless of what happens during that confrontation, Sonny is going to be facing some difficult emotions as he takes stock of the mess his life has become. He’s not the only one struggling, however, as Alexis continues to mourn what she believes is Julian’s death. There is buzz swirling that Julian will be showing back up alive again at some point soon, but there haven’t been any hardcore General Hospital spoilers available as of yet to confirm that.

What is the full truth regarding Anna and Valentin’s past together, and how will the truth impact Nina? What comes next for Nelle as she tackles this nanny job with Charlotte and how do Laura, Lulu, and Dante move forward after the custody battle blow? GH teasers hint that both Carly and Sonny will soon mix things up romantically with some new partners and, of course, there’s more on the way for Finn and Hayden as he struggles with his addiction. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are intense twists and turns on the way and fans are anxious to see where things head next.

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