Tomi Lahren Suspended: ‘Blaze’ Fans Ask, ‘Why Is Tomi Lahren Suspended?’


Tomi Lahren, suspended by the Blaze for sharing her pro-choice opinions, still plans to make her appearance at Lincoln Day in Spokane this summer. Lahren was a guest on The View Friday (March 17), where she was interviewed about how she has become a social media darling, posting videos that routinely get more than 5 million views each. She struck a chord with some people, though, when she spoke about her perceived hypocrisies within conservative circles. Now it has many of her fans asking on social media, “Is Tomi Lahren suspended”?

A video provided by ABC covered Lahren’s answers to a variety of questions, including her thoughts on President Trump’s travel ban and how she has become a conservative influencer. After flying in from Dallas, she spoke at length with the ladies of The View, crisscrossing topics after explaining why she feels she has had so much success and developed such a devoted following on social media.

“I think in large part I represent middle America. So you’ve got the two coasts and those individuals seem to kind of just talk to each other. And then you’ve got all of Middle America right there that’s dying to have a voice. They don’t really fell like they have one. They’re not represented, you know, beyond their communities. So I think they watch me and they say ‘Well you know she speaks like I do, she thinks like I do, she seems to me to get it like I do.’ And I think that’s why it’s resonated.”

That wasn’t what led to Tomi Lahren’s suspension from the Blaze, though, as she would later explain her thoughts on women’s health care choices. So why did Tomi Lahren get suspended? The quote that led to that outcome is showcased below.

“I am someone that loves the Constitution. I am someone that is for limited government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think that the government should decide what women do with their bodies. Stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

It has been confirmed on Twitter already that Tomi Lahren is suspended from her show on the Blaze. On Tuesday (March 21), local news in Spokane, Washington, reported that Lahren still plans to attend an event taking place in the city this summer. On June 3, the Spokane County Republican Party will host its annual Lincoln Day Dinner and Fundraiser. Lahren is listed as the special guest, calling her a “social media sensation” in fliers designed to spark interest in the event.

Spokane County Republican Party Chairman Stephanie Cates has spoken often about Lahren, noting that Lahren’s appearance has already led the Spokane GOP to anticipate its highest turnout yet to the Lincoln Day Dinner.

“Tomi Lahren is a rising star in the political world. There were sustained cheers from our gala crowd when I announced her as our speaker on Saturday night. She will bring high energy and star power to our signature fundraising event this year.”

There is continued debate on social media, with many viewers of the Blaze learning about the news and asking, “Why did Tomi Lahren get suspended?” Her contract with the company does come to an end in September, leading to quite a few rumors that she may end up with a show on Fox News. She didn’t take the suspension sitting down, though, going right to her Twitter account to post her opinions on the situation.

Ever the controversial host, this suspension has brought even more publicity to the 24-year-old political commentator. Stephanie Cates already confirmed that Lahren will still be attending the GOP fundraiser in June despite all the backlash she has received for her pro-choice commentary. Cates cited that Lahren is still a great supporter of President Trump and a great conservative. It’s unclear when Tomi Lahren’s suspension will come to an end, but Spokane residents can still expect to see her in person this summer.

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