Tim Allen: Ex-Cocaine Dealer Calls Hollywood ‘Nazi Germany,’ Upsets Jewish Org

Tim Allen’s comparison between his own struggles as a conservative in Hollywood and the horror suffered by six million Jews in Nazi Germany is raising ire from groups like the Anne Frank Center. But Allen, who reluctantly admits he attended the Trump inauguration, has not struggled too much in his career considering his political affiliation and the fact that he is an ex-con. Many people with a felony record have to fight just to find a job, but after doing time in prison for dealing cocaine, Tim Allen seems to have bounced back nicely.

With antisemitism on the rise, Tim Allen is being accused of being tone-deaf to the current political climate and likening any issues he is having to the horror that minorities faced in Nazi Germany. While on the news daily, there is vandalism in Jewish cemeteries and a rise in groups with KKK and Nazi affiliations, throwing terms like Nazi Germany around will always get a response, says the Inquisitr.

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It’s true that Tim Allen, born Timothy Dick, knows hardship, says Gawker. When he was in college in Michigan, he started dealing drugs, namely cocaine, and within two years, he was arrested for possession of a large amount of cocaine with intent to distribute and was facing life in prison. CBS reported that the arrest and time behind bars is something Tim Allen wishes he could forget.

“On October 2, 1978, Tim Allen was arrested in the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport for possession of over 650 grams (1.4 lb) of cocaine. He subsequently pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, and provided the names of other dealers in exchange for a sentence of three to seven years, instead of possible life imprisonment. He was paroled on June 12, 1981 after serving 2 years and 4 months in the Federal Correctional Institution in Sandstone, Minnesota.”


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But Allen has spoken frankly about his arrest and incarceration and had he not turned in other dealers, he knows he would still be behind bars.

“The law was passed to teach people a lesson. Selling more than 650 grams of cocaine got you life in prison. They thought it would be a deterrent. It wasn’t. I was put in a holding cell with twenty other guys — we had to crap in the same crapper in the middle of the room — and I just told myself, I can’t do this for seven and a half years. I want to kill myself.”

Tim Allen was lucky and got a second chance, putting his cocaine past behind him. He benefited from liberal judges but now seems to believe in more of a crime and punishment type of judiciary. Allen is a firm supporter of Donald Trump, who has zero tolerance for drugs and drug use and has made many comments that he doesn’t drink and has never done drugs.

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So it’s hard to imagine that someone with Tim Allen’s background would liken having to defend his political stance with the struggles of Nazi Germany, and now the Anne Frank Center For Mutual Respect is demanding an apology, says PageSix. Certainly, in Hollywood, being a Trump supporter like Tim Allen must be uncomfortable, but it’s nothing in comparison to being ripped from your home and put in a concentration camp. The organization posted on Facebook Sunday, calling Tim Allen out.

“Tim Allen has made a deeply offensive characterization that trivializes the horrors imposed on Jews in Nazi Germany. We call on Tim to apologize.”

Tim Allen, a comedian, was, of course, making an “edgy” joke, but many people didn’t find it funny.

“You gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. This is like ’30 Germany.”

And the director of the Anne Frank Center, Steven Goldstein, wondered what the Last Man Standing star and creator was thinking.

“Tim, have you lost your mind? No one in Hollywood today is subjecting you or anyone else to what the Nazis imposed on Jews in the 1930s — the world’s most evil program of dehumanization, imprisonment and mass brutality, implemented by an entire national government, as the prelude for the genocide of nearly an entire people.”

Goldstein said that this horror was hardly the same as not getting a role you want in a movie. Goldstein says that Allen needs to step up, apologize, and make amends.

Do you think Tim Allen needs to apologize for his comments about Nazi Germany?

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