WWE Rumors: Who Leaked Maria Kanellis's Sex Tape? Which WWE Diva Is Next?

Less than 24 hours after Paige's intimate photos were leaked, word got out that former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis had her sex tape leaked as well.

And the latest WWE rumors surrounding this leak have the women of wrestling up in arms. With two leaks in two days, many Divas fear that they, too, will be victims of these leaks.

But who is responsible for these leaks? Why is it happening? And who could be next?

Kanellis -- who now goes by her married name, Kanellis-Bennett -- isn't a part of the WWE anymore, so she's not necessarily bound by their morality clause. So what was the point of the leak of her sex tape?

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Y'all need to LOG OFF!!!!!!!????????????

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A few months ago, the same thing happened to WWE Diva Alexa Bliss when her nude photos were allegedly "leaked," and it turned out to be a Photoshop job by a disgruntled fan.

— MariaKanellisBennett (@MariaLKanellis) February 10, 2017

There's no clear motive as to why this is happening to the divas, but sources at the outlet speculate that this could be the doing of a disgruntled fan who wants to "keep the Divas in line." Nevertheless, many of the Divas now fear that they will be next.

"FEARS are growing WWE star Maria Kanellis has become the latest wrestler to have X-rated photos leaked. Several explicit snaps have been posted, showing a woman taking nude photos in a bathroom and on a bed. The pictures come after WWE superstar Paige and ex-wrestler Kaitlyn had explicit images and videos on the internet. Norfolk-born grappler Paige claimed her pics were private were shared without her consent. Clips appeared of the 24-year-old, including one with two other male wrestlers."

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